With those caveats, here is the list of questions: After completing their qualifying papers and the Seminar in Philosophical Education, graduate assistants become teaching fellows for the next four years. The student must receive a grade of at least Pass from both readers. A letter of recommendation from your mentor is also required. The Alumni Dissertation Fellowship is the last of the internally administered prestigious awards for advanced doctoral students. Advisement and Registration The Director of Graduate Studies DGS is the official advisor to all graduate students, and students must consult with the DGS before registering for classes to ensure that they are on track to fulfill their program requirements.

A paper will be graded High Pass when it is judged worthy of submission to a professional journal. It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list committee will be involved for the duration of the project. A list is “manageable” insofar as it limits itself to the most important representatives of the alternative positions within the area. Again, no appointment is required. Students preparing for the qualifying exam without having taken PHIL should become familiar with the following formal logical theories: After obtaining these required signatures on the registration form, make a photocopy of the signed and completed form, and deposit the photocopy with the philosophy department’s secretary; then bring the completed form to Keating Hall, Room

Since the author is on the verge of passing from student to professional colleague of the examiners, she or he can expect to be pressed hard on central points in the manner that the examiners diswertation press each other when presenting papers.

Its focus is perhaps more on the questions being asked in the dissertation than on the answers being given, though this is not incompatible with having one or more working hypotheses or tentative theses.

Once the reading list is approved, the student is responsible for having a Reading List Approval Form signed, by all the members of the committee and by the chair or, if designated, the Director of Graduate Studies.


Students who qualify will receive a description of the program and an invitation to apply from the Chair or Associate Chair of the department after grades for the Fall Semester Junior Year have been posted and before registration for Fall Semester Senior Year begins. Fordham Philosophical Society Created and organized by students, the Fordham Philosophical Society FPS seeks, as its main purpose, to foster the professional development of students in the philosophy program. Students must fulfill the language requirement either through coursework or through examination.

A student may apply for this award fordnam after the department has accepted the proposal and the Dean has approved the dissertation title and dissertation committee.

fordham gsas dissertation

Graduate Assistantships dissetration Teaching Fellowships The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University offers approximately seven financial aid awards per year to students entering the doctoral program in philosophy.

The Proposal The body of the written, double-spaced dissertation proposal should be at least 3, but no more than 6, words and should include:.

fordham gsas dissertation

Readers should be willing to read and offer feedback as needed on individual chapters or portions of the dissertation. Language exams generally consist of translating about words of academic prose from the relevant language to English.

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Send Page to Printer. The reading list should meet the following qualifications:. There is no penalty for fordgam, and students may take the exam as often as necessary. The department chairperson or program director is responsible for ensuring that the committee is professionally appropriate.

The application fee is gass. Each award is guaranteed for six years five years for students entering with an M. Certain special conditions apply to these applicants: Print out the confirmation and submit it with your paperwork.

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Research Support Grants The GSAS Summer Research Fellowship provides support to students who wish to devote the summer to work on articles for publication, conference papers, and proposals to apply for prestigious fellowships. Students successfully completing the thesis-option M. Readers going on leave should communicate with the student and her or his mentor about expectations of involvement during the leave period. The faculty members designated as readers agree to read the completed dissertation and possibly to be involved in the process of its production.


Capstone papers, long papers, final project papers, research papers, etc. Our forddham in these requirements is to provide students a basis to converse with philosophical positions representing different schools and perspectives.

The graduate courses count towards the completion of both the B.

Thesis and Dissertation Guidelines

The mentor and the two readers will read the entire dissertation. The purpose is to determine whether the topic is “big” enough to be of significant philosophical import and “small” enough to be manageable in the time and space available.

A student cannot hold both a month merit award i. Dissetration reading list is then approved by the committee and the department chair or the Director of Graduate Studies.

Margaret Donovan, Administrative Assistant Phone: Students register and receive credit at their home institution, and the home institution covers tuition costs. When a student feels ddissertation is prepared to take her language exam, she should contact the DGS, who will set up dissergation exam with an appropriate idssertation member.

It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list or dissertation proposal committee will be involved for the duration of the project. The discussion is not so much an exam as an attempt to formalize the earlier discussions, giving faculty persons with some interest and expertise related to the topic the opportunity to make suggestions for approaches to the topic, bibliography to be explored, pitfalls to be avoided, and so forth.