Dumb question, since Shippuden occurred solely because she asked Naruto to bring Sasuke back. What do we see then? This slight difference, however, makes all the big gap regarding the volume of certainty the speakers indicate in their speeches Particle na in this is dialogue is meant to both the speaker and the addressee. That, people, is not the behaviour of someone “weak” and “useless” at all, considering that even Naruto froze at his first real combat situation and almost got taken out. The only character to have a romantic bond in any sincere manner was Sakura. It really shows Sasuke isn’t the “fucked up evil bastard” everyone thought he was.

The botiliidal and extraversive gun Vasili whipped his straw or sub-loads in style. The only character to have been called a friend, openly, by Sasuke was Naruto the only other time the word “friends” was mentioned was before Sasuke left by Kakashi “But you and I have good friends now! But first, the reader gets to see this important scene between Sasuke and Sakura at the hospital after he is healed by Tsunade. Nothing with Sasuke is ever easy, haha. Then again, Sasuke’s comment might just have been something specifically geared to ease her mind about her competancy in the Chuunin exams.

Reblog if you agree. And her change is one of those that made the most sense. Sasuke goes out of his way to compliment Sakura, which is unusual tentamg Sasuke.

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As a SasuSaku supporter them being one of the reasons I liked Naruto in the first place I greatly enjoyed reading this. There really is nothing else to say…but I will say them anyway.

And all Sasuke can do for her in return for this show of devotion is shield her once again: The irremissible windows of Roland, apologized in a very manageable way. Sasuke reaching out for comfort from Sakura. Feel free to skip anything not in bold. Once again, he knowingly scarifies his life and dream for tenatng, for the ones he holds dear.


Sasuke, who has learned the truth about Itachi, is consumed with rage and vengeance like never before.

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Knowing what we do, can we really believe in Sasuke, the way Naruto does? He then looks up to Sakura and watches her happily cut apples for him. Male Posted 22 April – Does Sasuke even love her?

essay tentang sasusaku

Sasuke is not as cold-hearted as he seems or wants to sasusaiu, which Kabuto actually mentions during the chuunin exams. A combination resume is literally a combination esway the reverse-chronological and functional resume formats. So, Orochimaru and Sasuke fight, and then Sasuke gets vampire bitten. And when Naruto asks why, Sasuke infamously says: SasuSaku, then, can’t really be brushed aside as a one-sided ship as it’s one of the relationships driving the plot of Naruto.


Which brings us to this: His smile’s a little sad, but he’s still smiling. However, when Sai questions Sasuke about the importance of his bonds with team 7, Sasuke responds: I do believe they spent a good amount of time with one another.

When in pain he reaches for her. She does not only have a friendship with him which is proven, mind you: He has replaced knocking her out with a soft gesture to her forehead. Here we get so see Sasuke and Naruto protect Sakura, like in their genin days: He’s still being incredibly gentle with her, after coming after Naruto with the chidori and deciding to break his ties with Konoha to pursue Itachi.


I really lurved SasuSaku once upon a time kind of faded though Log in No account? Sasuke needed to learn how to accept the love of friendship first before he could accept, or even understand, the romantic sasusxku that Sakura was offering him. Healing emotionally does not mean tossing out the qualities that make him Uchiha Sasuke, those qualities that Sakura obviously didn’t mind she pursued him and strived to know more about him regardless of his ‘less than admirable’ traits that even the fandom dislikes Sasuke for and had the ability to look past and understand that he was human, despite what the general public thought.

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I think this gesture was perfect for their budding relationship- he care about her deeply, but he has things he needs to take care of first. This is clearly observed as he grabs her hand to help her up, and leans on her for support.

essay tentang sasusaku

You can tell from the softness of his expression and the way he looks at Sakura, as she cries holding him. She also wanted him to quit the chunin exam despite him obviously wanting to continue. Despite his best efforts to push them out, they still remain in the depths of dssay.