From the mapping of this contribution, it appears that languages that are geographically located in the eastern region of Indonesia contributed less than those from the western side, with Javanese being the greatest contributor, followed by Minangkabau and Sundanese Ibid. Manaf suggests that in order to maintain regional languages and develop Indonesian at the same time, keeping the stability of diglossia is crucial. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In such communication, Indonesian as the national language is not necessarily the language chosen, as throughout the archipelago various languages vernaculars12 also act as lingua francas, some over significantly greater areas than others Nababan, ; Sneddon, a. Article Tools Print this article. Likewise, Manaf also states that although language shift from vernaculars to Indonesian generally happens in all regional areas in Indonesia, such a shift is still considered to be at a safe level p.

Indonesian language and the regional languages Throughout Indonesia, education has been conducted in the national language since independence. Mawahibu Serigne Mountakha Gueye. Because of its less prestigous status, the speaker of this rural variant, especially those who belong to the younger and educated generation do not speak their own native tongue anymore, but shift to a wider means of communication, the standard variant, Yogya Solo dialect or their national language, Bahasa Indonesia. Dutch, from the colonial language; Javanese, the language of the largest ethnic group in Indonesia, and Malay, which played the role of the historic lingua franca of the archipelago Paauw, Furthermore, in this multicultural and multilingual situation, contact between different languages is likely unavoidable. Differences in status which exist between languages are a matter of social judgment. Differences in status which exist between languages are a matter of social judgment.

The study demonstrated that the language was still withstanding the pressure of Indonesian due to the religion factor, and bzhasa still used within the Muslim community as a symbol of religious faith and to distinguish themselves from the majority Hindu communities in Bali Manaf, Even formerly isolated villages, such as in the forests of Kalimantan, now have little hope of retaining their traditional way of life.

The topic of the conversation is usually related with or in response to the headline of the bahaa. Moreover, as Nababan also points out, the vernaculars enjoy a secure constitutional status as a recognized part of the Indonesian national culture and tradition.


The shift from Jakarta Malay to Indonesian among traditional Betawi families is also an example of this trend Sneddon, a: A language that has legal status in a particular legally constituted political entity such as a State or part of a State, and that serves as a language of administration OECD, Sinon inndonesia optimiser votre Vista, je ne peux que vous conseiller http: Indoneeia has been observed that there is enormous pressure to use Indonesian in modern places i.

Weinreich continued to argue that the mechanisms of interference would appear to be the same whether the contact is between two different languages or between two sub-varieties of one language used by neighbouring ppemertahanan Usage Personnel Seulement Taille: Although the eastern side of Indonesia has a much larger number of languages than the western region, it is the number of speakers that apparently influences the amount of vocabulary absorbed into Indonesian.

Such an observation indicates that there had been a shift from the minor to the major vernaculars. Just like Banjarese, Manado Malay, which has long been the language of inter-ethnic communication, especially in the Minahasa region, was noted to have developed from being a lingua franca to being the first language of most of the population Adriani,as cited in Sneddon, a: However, Sneddon a once argued that, in practice, the effort to maintain regional languages in Indonesia has only been focused on major vernaculars, such as Javanese and Sundanese, and less on other minor vernaculars.

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The consequences may vary based on variables such as duration and frequency, and the pressures of contact with other language s from administrative, cultural, economic, political, military, historical, religious or demographic 9 The practice of alternately using two languages is called bilingualism, and the persons involved, bilingual, albeit to a different extent Thomason, Inevitably, as part of its development, the Indonesian language continues to be open to the practice of adapting and borrowing words.

In the era of modernisation, traditional cultures are becoming increasingly marginalised. Such a policy would only turn Indonesia into a language museum Teeuw, Mawahibu Serigne Mountakha Gueye.

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The most common specific type of influence is the borrowing of words Thomason, Article Metrics Abstract views: All Indonesians, except those in very remote and isolated areas, are surrounded by the pressure to modernise, and Indonesian is the language of modernisation; proficiency in Indonesian is essential for anyone wanting to live anything but a wholly traditional life Sneddon, a.


London and New Pemerhahanan Where an indigenous group retains control of its traditional habitat and way of life, language maintenance is likely Nettle and Romaine,as cited in Mesthrie et al. Can a language with millions of speakers be endangered?


In South and Central Kalimantan particularly, Banjarese has moved from being the major lingua franca in the region to being the first language of much pemetahanan the population; it is thus used alongside Indonesian in inter-ethnic communication Sneddon, a: Firstly the government must tentan a condition which allows its speakers to use their mother tongue and pass it down to younger generation.

Thomason once stated that, in a new, linguistically diverse nation, the selection and establishment of a single national language can be difficult and problematic.

As many Banjarese are travelling merchants, they brought their language wherever they went, especially around Kalimantan. A Case of Diglossia Leakage? Super Bust A Move. Inlinguists in the Seminar on Vernacular Languages held in Yogyakarta made an observation that some of 10 Language shift denotes the replacement of one language by another as the primary means of communication and socialisation within a community Mesthrie et al.

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Different researchers often have different criteria for deciding whether two regional varieties are two separate languages or pemdrtahanan the dialects11 of a single language; these criteria thus lead to a problematic discussion Steinhauer, ; Sneddon, a.

To conclude, the greater the number of speakers of a language, the greater the tendency is for that language to influence other languages in language contact.

essay tentang pemertahanan bahasa indonesia

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