Has it been supported by research? Harvard Business Review, 48 3 , He paired up his theories to the work of Abraham Maslow, where he compared the higher needs put forward by Abraham Maslow such as self-actualization, to a Theory Y leadership style, and lower needs such as physiological and safety, to the Theory X leadership style Bartol and Martin , p. Show that there is balance of payment constraint is met? There is an opportunity for greater productivity by giving employees the freedom to be their best. A Theory Y manager will try to remove the barriers that prevent workers from fully actualizing themselves. Suppose you are given a pure exchange model with two countries H and F , and two goods X and Y.

How about receiving a customized one? Theory X and Y. Harvard Business Review, 48 3 , It is important to note the differences between the two theories to understand why Theory Y is thought to be superior. Show that there is balance of payment constraint is met?

We will write a custom essay sample on Theory X, Theory Y specifically for you. This theory has gone through a few transformations since McGregor first wrote about his X and Y theories in the early 60’s.

As per Theory Y, work is natural, and tries to occupy them actively and enjoy too. In regard to Theory Y, he can wisely choose from variety of options Scheinp.

When McGregor formulated his theory, companies competed on their ability to mass produce goods. Accessed May 23, If you need this or any other sample, we can send it to you via email.


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There are groups of workers who would like to be directed and who are not keen on taking responsibility. Theory X employees are categorized as lazy and unmotivated and only worked when forced to and never worked hard. McGregor with his experience as a manager and as a psychologist, observed the behaviour and attitude of the workers Daft.

McGregor proposed two contrasting sets of managerial assumptions about the workers. In summary, Theory X and Theory Y have significant impact on modern management styles. He stated that managers should assist subordinates in reaching their full potential, rather than commanding and controlling.

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Theory X is negative and Theory Y can be stated as the opposite, positive. Get custom essay sample written according to your requirements Urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

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However, few companies still practice Theory X management Daftp. If people are given a chance to prove their competency they are ambitious to mcgregore problems and help their organizations meet their goals McGregorp. Click to learn more https: McGregor saw these deficiencies in the classical school of management which lead him to develop a theory of management that. According to theory X, appraisals theoy promotions occur on a regular basis. The assumption management holds about controlling its human resources determines the whole character of the enterprise Bennis, Download as Text File Printable Version.

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How about make it original? The business provides assistance to Great Lakes sailors and other transient labour. Theory Y portrays managers as collaborative and trustful of people Bennis, Theory X and Theory Y stated that employees can either be motivated by strict direction or allowed to work freely. Many researchers and scholars have developed theories based on the work of F. McGregor states that a satisfied need no thelry motivates. People change and so do motivators.


The end results of the survey concluded that in order to construct validity of a measure should precede substantive research.

essay on mcgregors theory

McGregor was intrigued by what motivated people to work hard and how leaders could foster their motivation Bobic and Davis,p. Mcgrfgors six pages contemporary management is examined in a consideration of theories that include those of Peters and Waterman, Engstro Today, however, paying attention to the human aspect is a requirement if any organization.

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The organizations of essag century are in a more dynamic world where technology, education and research and better economic conditions are vastly improving. Managers who assign to Theory X are expected to practice authoritarian style Lewis, Goodman and Fandtp.

essay on mcgregors theory

The manager values the workers opinion.