During the 9th and 10th century, they were the subordinates of the Rashtrakutas. All these pieces of evidence indicate that the Kakatiyas were of Shudra origin. It may be suggested that the Kakatiyas regarded divine legitimation and the support of the institutionalized religion as important assets to royal authority, and not necessarily the foundation for their sustenance as effective rulers. Ganapatideva had two daughters; Rudrama and Ganapamba. Rudradeva, the first independent ruler constructed the Thousand-pillared temple at Hanumankonda and laid the foundation for a new capital at Warangal along with a temple to the tutelary deity of Svayambhudeva. About the Kakatiya sculptures, we have very little evidence to study it.

These inscriptions primarily document grants to brahmans , and appear to be inspired by the genealogies of the imperial Cholas. Sastry ‘s book on the history of the Kakatiyas, published by the Government of Andhra Pradesh. Caste itself seems to have been of low importance as a social identifier. A Comprehensive History of India. However, in his attempts to occupy the Velanati kingdom he lost his life at the hands of Rajendra Choda, the prince of the Velanati Telugu Chodas of Chgandolu. Sastry state that this lake had a colossal bund only one side that extends over feet and rises up to 56 feet.

Information about the Kakatiya period also comes from Sanskrit and Telugu literary works written during Kakatiya and post-Kakatiya period. This above list gives an idea of exports and imports from Motupalli kakatiua to other Indian regions along the coast as well to foreign territories. According to Rao and Shulman, the latter contained a high proportion of Brahmins while the former was the haunt of “peasants, artisans, and warriors”.

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Skip to content Kakatiya Dynasty: The Kakatiya capital at Orugallu, established inwas not forgotten while Ganapati expanded his territory. A notable trend during the dynastic period was the construction of reservoirs for irrigation in the uplands, around of which were built by warrior families subordinate to the Kakatiyas.


Kafur organized a month-long siege of Orugallu that ended with success in February The entrenched landed nobility that had existed prior to the dynasty found its power to be on the wane; the royal gifting of lands formerly in the possession of nobles to people of lesser status did much to effect this dilution.

The noted poets who were the authors of the epigraphs of this age are Nandi, Essayy Antantasuri and Iswarasuri. Retrieved from ” https: The Bayyaram tank inscription, which records the construction of Dharma-kirti-samudra tank by Ganapati’s sister Mailama or Mailambaprovides another genealogical list.

Even today the memory of the Kakatiya rule is green in the minds and hearts of the Andhrajati as the Kakatiyas shaped and moulded the identity of the Andhras by establishing a unified political and cultural hegemony over the entire Telugu-speaking region. Here, we are giving the list of Kakatiya Rulers and their contributions for general awareness.

The first known historical personage among the Kakatiyas was Gundaya Rashtrakuta. The power appears to be decentralized between the ruler and the subordinates who owed allegiance to the ruler. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A moat and numerous bastions were also constructed.

Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty – India the Destiny

The military organization of the Kakatiyas was based on Nayamkara system. It is situated close Hanamkonda-Warangal expressway.

essay on kakatiya dynasty

Ganapatideva ruled from AD to The Gomateswara temple at Manthani, the Erakesvara and the Namesvara temples at Pillalamarri and the temple at Naguladu are the masterpieces of the Kakatiyan style of architecture.

There is a strong belief that in medieval Andhra, the Brahmans occupied superior place in social ka,atiya and the social order itself depended on their dictates. Nandis are a special feature of the Kakatiya sculpture. All these pieces of evidence indicate that the Kakatiyas were of Shudra origin. They used black granite for pillars, jambs, lintels, decorative motifs and icons. The Kakatiya rulers were assisted by a council of ministers and a host of officers at the centre as well as the provincial and local level.


Age of the Kakatiyas: Society, Economy, Polity and Culture

The Kakatiya kingdom attracted the attention of the Delhi Sultanate ruler Alauddin Khalji because of the possibility for plunder. Gundyana’s son and successor Betaraja I took advantage of the Chalukya-Chola conflict and carved out for himself a small principality. Mobility in turn indicates social typologies. The Kakatiyas by their support of art and their integrative polity improved agriculture, commerce and trade in the interior and construction of temples in Telangana, Rayalaseema and coastal Andhra.

In order to encourage more people to undertake the digging of tanks, wells and canals, tank construction was made one of the Saptasantanas which confers merit. kakatiga

Kakatiya Dynasty, the Famous Telugu Dynasty

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Kakatiyas had a lot of military skills, so they became the army chiefs and gained control over Anmakonda. In it was born the king named Prola, who was renowned for being exceedingly judicious.