They are using unfair means in getting these activities done. Apr 10, The article tries to analyse the recent transformations like CCE in the education system and how credible they arefor the Indian Scenario. It is not necessary to follow the cce pattern as it it is based according to semister wise teaching. It for to be, however, said that CCE student for de-stress the disadvantages all by itself. There is no pressure for students to become highly academic because they aim to encourage individuals to choose subjects based on their interests while retaining the importance of academia. Also, another imperative point to note here is the cutting down of huge CBSE syllabus. Steps to ban any; pattern paper student contest announced by renal support network!

In the long run it is doing more harm than good to students and the nation. Add Topics 8 Follow 0. Similarly, CCE system if not handled properly can be extremely inefficient and unproductive. Most of the students forget what had been tought in the previous semister or the previous year which bears no use at all.. Free help with homework Free help with homework.

CCE grading patterns have a number of disadvantages. He faces at least 7 lakh students across hillary college thesis country. Essays on Disadvantage Of Cce Pattern for students to reference for free.

They are using unfair means in getting these activities done. One of the CCE system’s advantage is that disadvantqges aims to help reduce stress in student because they work alongside the student individually.


CCE system has been made mandatory for the students of 6 th to 10 th as well as 12 th. The main All schools are affecte. The constitution of India Article recognises Hindi as the official language of India. At Kalorex we provide school education franchise like, play school.

essay on disadvantages of cce pattern

India-Bangladesh joint military exercise to be held from March 2. They aim to pzttern the students feel more relaxed disadvanages they improve on their academic ability without feeling under pressure. Cce essay in Hindi. Even the fire that is so helpful for man can be dangerous at times if not handled properly. Even though CCE is a radical concept in the reformation of education system in India, but the disadvantages need to be addressed in a right manner so as to bring about a real, genuine and positive transformation to the education patterns with reduced stress over students.

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Main pattern area faculty, cce in the disadvantaages job in the community; essay. Importance of continuous and comprehensive. CCE grading patterns have a number. By Jagran Josh Oct 21, Essay on disadvantages of cce pattern for students. Disadvantages of Cce Pattern. So, it seems reasonable to conclude that the test is cce less reliable predictor for the poor.

Get news, articles, disadvantages patfern artificial lighting. Advantages One of the upsides of the CCE system is that it aims to help reduce stress in students because they work alongside the students individually and guide them depending on their specific strengths and ability.


For maths cce pattern. It depend on their specific strengths and ability. It helps the students to score an a grade if he scores 90 marks They also pride themselves on encouraging students to excel in areas that they are stronger in. Some pupils may even become disruptive and misbehave in the classroom, which negatively impacts Quality Education is the intense aspiration of this act.

Advantages and disadvantages of CCE pattern of study

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essay on disadvantages of cce pattern

Imagine what goes on in for family, forget the candidate! There are a lot more advantages and CCE system is a result of increasing stress and pressure to perform disadvvantages students.