He was again called back by his parents who were now sitting on the edge of a well. If anything the boy seems to forget about everything that he might want when he is connected to nature. None of which his parents will buy for him. Being heartbroken with unfulfilled desires, he looks at the massive expanse of mustard fields in front of him. It was vast in tots spread and its branches dominated over other smaller trees like Gulmohur etc. Unknown February 9, at 9: And then we start to strike the list one by one.

It might also be a case that the parents have an expectation for their son to learn to enjoy the festival of spring without being side tracked by the vendors whose sole purpose is to make money. There was no sign of them. Having run to and fro in a rage of running for a while, he stood defeated, his cries suppressed into sobs. Is this the complete story or part of a book? But he half knew as he begged that his plea would not be heeded because his parents would say he was greedy. In which all of the members write 10 thing they find the most precious in life, their aspirations, their loved ones, money None of which his parents will buy for him.

He tried to catch one of them but he was called by his mother to come back to the foot-path. So without waiting for an answer he moved on.

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The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand

Which as expected would highlight how closely connected the boy is to his parents. The fields are decorated with yellow flowers which are dotting the landscape with pristine natural beauty. Jagannath September 11, 1: He ran towards them. He likes to go wandering and to explore the rssay around him.


essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

The child refuses this offer as well. He wanted a toy but received only an angry look from his father and his kind-hearted mother only asked him to see what was before him.

Short Story Analysis: The Lost Child by Mulk Raj Anand – The Sitting Bee

Another theme that the author has touched is the courage that the child exhibits. The man who finds the boy is also an interesting character as through goodwill and kindness he is trying to help the boy. His yellow turban came untied and his clothes became muddy. Unknown February 9, at 9: Now, he meets a snake charmer.

It is also clear to the reader that the boy wants several things and not just one item.

essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

Degree by the London University for his original researches in Philosophy. But when he turned round he could not find them anywhere. On the day of the spring festival a large crowd of brightly dressed people came out of the lanes of a city and proceeded towards the village fair. Sukanya November 7, 4: He is all alone and deserted in a crowd of strangers. The motherly care adds more beauty to the context of the beauty of the scene. He reaches a temple but the huge crowd at the door knocks him off of his feet.

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He willingly accepts the fact that his parents are refusing to buy him the thing that the wants. He watched it going round and round with a merry band of men, women, and children on it.


essay of the lost child by mulk raj anand

But he half knew as he begged that his plea would not be heeded because his parents would say he was greedy. He loses contact with his essayy ones in a village fair.

The Lost Child Summary by Mulk Raj Anand | English Summary

Dermot Post Author August 7, 6: He is also well aware of the natural bond and instinct of parents and their children and is immune to the allures of esay pleasures in sweetmeats or joyrides offered by the kind man. As they neared the village the child could see many other footpaths full of throngs, converging to the whirlpool of the fair, and felt at once repelled and fascinated by the confusion of the world he was entering. The boy returns to his parents and accompanies them on the sidewalk.

Why do his parents have to stop and call him every now and then? Like the child, even though its just my way of seeing, and his parents.

The child followed them in the air with his gaze, till one of them would still its wings and rest, and he would try to catch it.