Innovations in Education and Teaching International, 53 4 , The best way of learning can can be via school, family or games. With this in mind, the major purpose of this paper is to create and expand an awareness in Turkish human geography literature for Said’s contribution and make its contributions to the spatial turn visible. Research shows that students do not uniformly prefer a particular mode of feedback. This last voice suggests the disruption of the flow of textuality in order for materiality to flood in. Click here to sign up. Getting fun from Having fun in lessons can be more cheerful for both sides, teachers and students.

The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, 1. It is sometimes even possible that the teacher spends an equal amount of time for providing feedback through screencasts and the written medium, yet it should be noted that the amount of feedback provided in screencasts in that case would be much higher. Ali , for example, carried out an experimental study to compare written feedback with screencast feedback. A New Gadget in Your Toolbox. How effective are they and how do students engage with them?

At the same time, mapping remains a technology of colonialism, a way of seeing space that stabilizes its movements and continues to enable colonial domination. Wherever data travel, the quality and quantity of data can serve as ethical affordances for assigning blame to staff technicians. Geçl templates, imagery, and very basic information are set up for over campus structures and features so far, to date about 20 buildings are considered “finished,” and work remains to be done on best practices for visitor submissions.

Log In Sign Up. One of these alternatives is screencast feedback, which enables EFL teachers to provide constructive feedback by recording the computer screen as the teacher comments on student work, usually by adding writing, drawings and voiceover.


Some people learn by doing things; other people learn by reading about things; others learn by listening to people talk about things.

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The space of the Sahara is rendered both concrete and abstract in these literary productions. Loitering as a Way of Life.

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This has increased the efficiency of telescope use while also resulting in arrangements prone to some researchers’ dissatisfaction and a raised visibility of technicians’ work. Using video technology for improving student writing. Using audio screencast for feedback on short written essays Doctoral dissertation. By contrast, the moral figure of the excessively demanding data user does not travel beyond the observatory, and the social accountability of interactions that visiting astronomers experience in the observatory’s control room is confined to its situated enactment.

Educational Technology Research and Development, 63 2 A suggested framework for the feedback provided in a screencast based on Whitehurst, July 16, As some free screencasting tools allow its users to record for a limited time, teachers could prepare screencasts in parts.

In short, this research suggested that the use of screencast increased not only the amount but also the quality of the feedback provided by the teacher.

However, it is quite easy to create professional-looking screencasts with the help of user- friendly software. Moreover, as sites of public identification, certain spaces and places a national park landscape or urban park are imbued with epideictic significance.

Space and Place

The resulting spatial economy of confinement and enclosure limits the geographical and social mobility of the urban poor. Inspired of esay own life story, Said’s path-breaking approaches and conceptions like “imagined geographies” mediated with the geographical habitus not only made a revolutionary contribution to the understanding of politics and culture of the time but also paved the way for geography to open up itself to craved hot discussions.


Edward Said can be viewed as the pioneer of spatial turn in postcolonial and cultural studies. If geçii are interested in using some additional features like zooming, they could utilise third-party programs to introduce those features into low-cost software, instead of buying expensive software that are usually intended for professional use.

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In this study, I draw from the theories of Henri Lefebvre, V. My thesis is that the Sahara is portrayed in multifaceted ways that serve specific functions for the articulation of identity, community, and home.

The seamless juxtaposition of real and imaginary places that tend to overlap, create various spaces that are not simply These coexisting visions of the Sahara lend themselves well to an examination of the production of space in contemporary Sahrawi literature.

English teachers do not have to opt for expensive and complicated software applications. The Savaria Carnival is the prominent summer program of present-day Szombathely. Remember me on this computer.

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Video format could be one of them. But what happens to their relations when data production is outsourced, widely separating Compared with written feedback, screencast feedback is more difficult to reach. Therefore, studying culture and its impact on architectural spaces is important in order to understanding human behavioral patterns. Click here to sign up.

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How screencasting can enrich classroom teaching and learning. Getting fun from lessons can be more cheerful for both sides, teachers and students. One kelimelerk could be screencasting that enables teachers to simulate writing conferences.