Notes and 2 assignments contained within this booklet. Short Story Terms Content Questions, Antigone , due Tuesday, December 16th, On the test date, students will write on their chosen quote, but will NOT be permitted to bring in or access materials or sources. English ss 3 The Fly. Anyone who missed writing it may write on Friday, April 17th, in room with me.

For students who did not complete the original essay portfolio, please complete the following alternate assignment which was distributed in class 2 weeks ago. Poetry Assignment To be of Use. Independent Novel Schedule File Size: We will use class time to complete. A workbook of questions based on character, theme, and symbolism.

English Curriculum Guide View. Anyone who missed writing it may write on Friday, April 17th, in room with me.

Mood and Tone Handouts File Size: Advertising Techniques File Size: George and the Dragon Visual.

english 3201 essay rubric

English Public Exam: Essay, Antigonedue Thursday, December 20th, ASP Quotes rubrlc Phrases. Course Outline for 1st Semester, English ; more to follow. Visuals – in class group assignmen t completed by Monday, May 25th, Essay topics distributed March 18th, English Visuals File Size: Transitions Essay and Questions File Size: Letter distributed to some students.


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Students are given class time to complete question sheets. Personal Response will be written in class on Thursday, January 22, Poetry Analysis and Media Test May.

english 3201 essay rubric

Childhood Obesity Questions File Size: Enflish short story 6 happy man questions. Poetry Assignment To be of Use. Essay Questions from Textbook File Size: Macbeth Essay Test Topics.

english 3201 essay rubric

For students who did not submit the original 32001 portfolio in March, the attached alternate poetry assignment is available. Puzzleman and Storm Exemplars File Size: Exam Table of Specifications.

George and the Dragon Visual File Size: Poetry in Song Assignment File Size: For students who missed initial test or wanted to upgrade mark. They may choose one and prepare an essay response.

Comprehensive notes on play: Please go directly there for your test, not to our classroom 1.

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Study “Poetry terms” Handout 4 pages and review egnlish portfolio completed in class. English ss4 a girls story.


The Cask of Amontillado File Size: Childhood Obesity Coherence File Size: