Pliocene At the margins, it consists of gravels and sands, whereas in the sub-basins center it consists of clastics and thin evaporates. It analyzes the sedimentation process as a result of the interaction between eustasy, tectonics and sediment flux. These strata are basically mudstone, i. In order to investigate the influence of the space of interaction, Immersive- FiberMesh and FiberMesh were compared. Stool to be drawn in task 1 Task 2 – Designing an object: Nevertheless an immersive 3D environment is not easily provided when needed. Halfedge data structures have explicit representations of vertices, faces and halfedges.

The model of the pen and the drawing can now be focused as a whole. They externalize an idea and then use the sketch as an inspiration for further ideas [Tve02], [HSS98], [Bux07]. Im Anschluss daran bearbeiten Sie die erste Skizzieraufgabe. According to the geologic map of Egypt scale 1: This study tried to quantify the precipitation of March event using rain gauges and satellite’s remote measurements. On 6 November , 34 mm precipitation depth was recorded at Qusair, and on 7 December , 28 mm was recorded in Daedalus Red Sea in front of Marsa Alam Saleem,

Sequence stratigraphy concepts were applied to define the fine sedimentation associated with the seawater transgression. Constructive curves greencenter curve blue and scaled circle. Each query can be done in constant time and is independent of the size of the model. Beflin map of wadi Bili catchment with the locations of Abu Sha’ar plateau, Esh El Mellaha mountain redge dixsertation Red Sea Hills Miocene outcrop on Abu Sha’ar plateau has a great importance for petroleum geologists as it is the main reservoir in the Gulf of Suez.


Humidity The mean annual relative humidity in Hurghada is El Haddad et al. Reinhard Hinkelmann was supporting and guiding me during the whole hydrological study. Each halfedge of the data structure stores: Was the task easy or demanding, slow or brisk, slack or strenuous, restful or laborious? On the other hand, these lithologic data were used in the creation of the geological model. Motivation comes from the interest to support early design phases in which sketching is a major tool.

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Then, the lithological model was used to calculate the integrated porosity. Its straightforward- ness is a quality that was anticipated to be supportive to the design process in immersive 3D environments.

The stroke has to overlap the initial input stroke of the blob. Participants were asked to design a comfortable armchair. To some degree it does not apply to any technology-based approach. Publications on sedimentology, hydrology and hydrogeology of the post Miocene are rare, and there are none related to the alluvial fans of wadi Bili.

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After outlining the intention of the approach, this chapter describes FiberMesh and the initial system and introduces the integrated application.

Generally the studied sediments show a high angularity, which is explained as a result of local sediments source. These two conditions have the same space of interaction i.

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Quaternary These deposits include aeolian sands and Quaternary alluvium, which cover the wadi floor, in addition to the coastal plain deposits, which consist of loose to moderately consolidated coarse clastics derived from topographic hights. Evaporation Keeping in mind that the Eastern Desert has many sunshine hours and very high wind speeds in addition to a low air humidity throughout the year, a very high potential evaporation rate is expected.


Most of the samples are non-uniform sediments. It was applied to the borehole data to analyze the horizontal stratigraphy. Limitation of the sketching process to only one object would have been to restrict the design process and the use of the application unnecessarily. Drawing can be done in the whole space of the CAVE.

eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin

Further investigation could be directed at a possible benefit eidesstattlicne a combination of line-based sketching and sketch-based modeling in an immersive 3D environment. The sky did not clear up before the events of March Tagungsband Mensch und Computer Shape Spaces from Morphing.

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FiberMesh was also used as a condition of the comparative user study conducted for this thesis. Der Versuch findet im Rahmen einer Diplomarbeit statt, die sich mit der Formerzeugung in virtuellen 3D-Umgebungen befasst.

The application focuses on a diversity of input strokes but does not feature object-creation. The general climate and the study of the severe erkllärung of March are presented here. Abzeichnen eines Objekts Ihre Aufgabe ist es, einen realen Hocker abzuzeichnen.

MDH IV is made up of transgression clastic sediments; it is even expected to contain regression parasequences, since this borehole is located in an alluvial fan. Pleistocene and Quaternary alluvial fans.