Second, the contribution of a prominent feature neurons were tested by removing eyes and heads from face and body stimuli, respectively. Certain information from both faces and human bodies such as facial expression and body gestures or body actions facilitate the social communication between people Downing et al. Event-related brain potentials distinguish processing stages involved in face perception and recognition. Hemispheric asymmetries in image-specific and abstractive priming of famous faces: However, this organ responds in a specific way to social stimuli, in particular to faces and to human bodies. Brain potential correlates of face recognition: A module in human extrastriate cortex specialized for face perception.

An open question referred to the influences of perceptual load on encoding of other object categories. Most importantly for the current thesis that N is delayed and enhanced to the presentation of inverted faces as compared to upright faces Campanella et al. Behavioural results indicated successful perceptual load manipulation, with increased RTs and ERs under high load compared to low load conditions. Covert recognition and the neural system for face processing. British Journal of Psychology, 81,

If the necessary evidence is not available: Still, reliable inversion effects were found, arguing for a contribution of the configural processing for inverted orientations in body processing.

Electroencephalography and Clinical Ehrenwörtlichr, 88, Simplified neural model of early face processing adapted from Itier et al. Exploring the functional architecture of person recognition system with event-related potentials in a within- and cross-domain self-priming of faces.

Inversion and contrast-reversal effects on face processing assessed by MEG. The bachelorarbeit hotelmanagement thema penalty essay vocabulary structure essay writing contest Essay check online book Essay about english topics zeitung selber schreiben hochzeit online argumentative essay global block pattern examples essay about toronto writing skills ppt essay writing my best holiday essay about gifts knowledge in hindi?



Neural model of body perception as suggested by Taylor et al. Subsequently, prime distractor faces were either immediately repeated as a probe or a different face was presented. In addition to the obligation to make a solemn declaration also the electronic submission of all dissertations will become binding in the new regulations for doctoral studies.

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However, no study so far investigated the role of selective attention in the processing of human bodies. Bodies capture attention when nothing is expected.

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However, ehrenwörtlifhe attention was manipulated according to the perceptual load theory PLTexplicit recognition of faces is reduced under high perceptual load compared to low perceptual load Jenkins et al.

Journal of Neuroscience, 4, I am thankful also to Dr. South Valley University, Egypt. Moreover, ERP studies have reported dsisertation inversion effect on both the faces sensitive N and the N1 to human bodies, in that consistently N1 amplitudes are increase and delayed for inverted compared to upright presentations Minnebusch et al.

ehrenwörtliche erklärung dissertation uni jena

IEs have been found in the present study II. Journal of Neuroscience, 14, Neural bases of eye and gaze processing: In the present study, distractor faces, body parts and houses were then followed by a a repetition of the distractor stimulus, b a new exemplar from the same category as the distractor, or c a butterfly, to which participants responded. This may be considered as evidence for activations of person identity nodes by human bodies or body parts, to the same extent as activation by faces.


This seems to suggest that removing heads is not a sufficiently strong manipulation for eliminating the N inversion effect.

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An additional result of study II was shown the face-inversion effect i. Suggested neural model for the early stages of body processing as indexed by the N1.

An additionally aim is the influence of attention to unfamiliar faces and body parts on repetition-sensitive ERPs, specifically on the Nr.

Here, the Nr is found highly specific to faces and is not elicited by other categories such as body parts or houses. Repetition-priming modulates category-related effects on event-related potentials: Schweinberger and Burton have linked the functional components, as suggested by Bruce and Young to an event fissertation potential ERP- markers, which are found more prominent in response to faces than to other objects.

Attention capture by faces. Study I has compared srklärung of distractor unfamiliar faces and distractor houses in conditions of restricted availability of attentional capacity i.

In particular, faces and human bodies have attracted a large number of investigations and raised many discussions during the past decades.

Neural model of body perception as suggested by Taylor et al. Electrophysiological studies of human face perception. Twelve reasons for including bodily expressions in affective neuroscience.