Retrieved 31 March Alden had forgotten to bring the food because he was too excited and left the mansion in a hurry. The EB commentators receive their wedding invitations. Lola then asks Yaya to open and read her emails. Even though the Lolas are still missing Divina, they are relieved because they know that she will be safe.

Nidora says that Yaya is doing fine and is at church. Retrieved 19 May Nidora reveals her second surprise: It served as a pre-programming for Eat Bulaga! Alden and Yaya continue dubsmashing until Alden gets suspicious whether Yaya is lip-synching or using her real voice. Ako sa puso mo,

Christmas Caroling Contest – Facebook”.

Yaya Dub then calls Lola Nidora through Dubsmash that she is craving for fruits, turonand a cake. Kalye’s Angels – Facebook”.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Nidora praises Alden and Yaya for enduring the many difficulties that they have encountered. The mysterious caller from the previous episode contacts Nidora again. Retrieved 10 August They pass the test and arrive at a very long dining table, where a cut-out likeness of Nidora stands in the middle. Jose then reveals that Tinidora is the name of Nidora and Tidora’s sister. Eat Bulaga – AlDub When Alden appears, Lola Nidora accuses him of being the mastermind of the taking of the Secret Diary, and demands from him P51 million she says the P1 million will be hers or else he will not see Yaya Dub anymore.


While Yaya Dub performs, Alden’s task is to fill up a huge glass container with water using a single pail. The caller agrees to one condition.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

Eventually, the police arrive and try to prooblem Lola Nidora on charges of abduction. Those who insist to be the “real” Isadora, but are not able to prove their identity, are expelled by the Lolas.

In spite of the support from her sisters, Nidora rejects the idea.

Retrieved 8 March Retrieved 31 August Bill tells Tinidora that he is regretful about hurting her and eta wait for her no matter what. Retrieved 16 December First time Alden and Yaya Dub exchange pinky swear as a promise towards one another. Alden also gives Maine matching pillows with their pictures on it.

Lipat Bahay – Facebook”.

Eat Bulaga April 29 2017 Part 4 –

Retrieved 15 April The Broadway commentators and Tidora are still curious about the mysterious voice they heard yesterday.

Yaya Dub is also excited that bupaga next day is the second monthsary between her and Alden.

Jimmy and Lola Nidora would also exchange Dubsmash responses. Lola Nidora receives another phone call and pleads with the second mystery caller not to visit her. There are a few days left before the big event. Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 16 August Nidora then receives a call from Yaya and lets the couple talk to each other. Lola Nidora sadly reviews the recent events and is unable to accept the fact that the people she trusted didn’t abide by their promises.


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Tidora reveals that she will go back to Massachusetts. Tinidora and Tidora are practicing their dance routine for the occasion.

eat bulaga problem solving april 29

DuhRizz asks Yaya if she wants to see Alden, to which Yaya replies that she does. Nidora then makes another special request: When they are about to eat, Tinidora suggests doing a game of musical chairs so that Alden and Yaya can sit close together.