To interest the reader, scientific authors should be direct pg dissertation guidelines ntruhs and straightforward and present informative one-sentence summaries of the results and the approach. Orthodontic history, Concepts of occlusion and esthetics, Child and Adult Psychology, Etiology and classification of malocclusion, Dentofacial anomalies, Diagnostic procedures and treatment planning in Orthodontics, Practice management in Orthodontics PaperIII: Computation of- Caries index and performing various caries activity tests – Oral hygiene index – Periodontal index – Fluorosis index Cysts and tumors of odontogenic origin. DISEASE – Definition, concepts – Multifactorial causation, natural history and risk factors – Disease control and eradication, evaluation and causation, infection of specific diseases – Vaccines and immunization 4.

It enables you to follow your interests and aspirations and enhance your career prospects by undertaking a second area of study in addition to your primary degree. Artificial respiration and pulmonary function tests. Fixed functional appliances – Herbst appliance, Jasper jumper etc – 5 cases. Final examination at the end of the third year. Computers in oral diagnosis and imaging. It not only helps teachers to evaluate students, but also students to evaluate themselves. The business environment is dynamic in nature which means that the knowledge of the workers forms a crucial part of the business operations.

Etiology, diagnosis of space problems, analysis, Biomechanics, serial extractions. Period of Training The course shall be of three years of tuidelines. Upload document Create flashcards. Circulatory disturbances — ischemia, edema, thrombosis, embolism, infarction, allergy and hypersensitivity reaction.


Internal assessment or Term paper Second Year: Class-I malocclusion with crowding. Paper IV will be one essay. Oral microbiology and their relationship to various branches of dentistry.

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guidflines Structure of nerve, neuron and properties of nerve fibers. To interest the reader, scientific authors should be direct pg dissertation guidelines ntruhs and straightforward and present informative one-sentence summaries of the results and the approach. Treatment care is to be delivered irrespective of the social Status, cast, creed or colleagues.

Local anesthesia in Endodontics. Nov 12, been showing a decline over the last few years, Dr.


Periodontal ligament — development, structure, function and clinical consideration. Other routine work as follows. Minor oral surgical and surgical endodontic procedures.

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In government institutions students for MDS courses shall be selected strictly on basis of their academic merit. Study of special and applied pathology of oral tissues as well as relation of local pathologic and clinical findings to systemic conditions. Paper IV will be an Essay. Checklists are given in section IV. Each candidate shall make at least five seminars presentations in each year. fr

Lasers in Dentistry — Miserendino Diseases of pulp and sequel of pulpitis. Principles of evidence based surgery – understanding journal based literature study; the value of textbook, reference book articles, value of review articles; original articles and their critical assessment, understanding the value of retrospective, prospective, randomized control and blinded studies, guideines the principles and the meaning of various Bio-statistical tests applied in these studies.


Dissection, basic sciences, basic computer sciences, exodontias, seminars on basic topics, selection of dissertation topic, library assignment topic.

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You need to lay out and explain your analysis, providing both strengths and weaknesses of it. All the treatment details and the subsequent appointments given to the patients are to be recorded particularly in their case records. Health Informatics – Research Methodology – definitions, types of research, designing written protocol for research, objectivity in methodology, quantification, records and analysis.

Dentistry for the Adolescent — Castaldi and Brass The student as a specialist in community dentistry is expected to suggest practical solutions to the existing oral health jtruhs of the given community.

dr ntruhs dissertation guidelines

Teaching experience gained in medical college will not be accepted for PG dental teaching. Specialized extra oral techniques. We are proud of ensuring individual approach to every customer who needs our help. The themes of the poems are discussed as well as what type of audience Homer might have written each piece for. Basic spot welding exercises 7.

The candidate should be medically fit.