It was claimed that Coppolino had also killed Farber in the same way. He was released in , after just 12 years, when he agreed to abandon medicine. So that he could marry his lover. Murderpedia has thousands of hours of work behind it. Soon, Coppolino convinced his wife that the climate in Florida was conducive to his defective heart. Juries are not prepared to extend coincidences quite that far. Tragedy struck on July 30, , when the woman’s husband, retired Army Col.

Lee Bailey, 33, Coppolino’s cocky Boston attorney, Schaub wove a damning case showing that Coppolino had the motive, opportunity and, most of all, the scientific background for committing the murder. Schaub had a witness testify that the death was wrongly ascribed to a heart attack because Coppolino persuaded a physician that she had suffered chest pains earlier. So far this year, with the conviction of the Boston Strangler, he has a string of two well advertised losses. New Jersey authorities exhumed Carmela’s body. She went to Dr. It also remains a classic of cross-examination.

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Carmela Musetto, 32 Method of murder: Both New Jersey and Florida ordered exhumations. On April 28,stufy found Coppolino guilty of second-degree murder, a curious verdict that has never been fully explained; under Florida law, murder in the second degree implies a lack of premeditation on the part of the killer, and anything more calculated than willful poisoning is hard to imagine.

Two trials, in two states, arrived at very different answers. Schaub called as a witness Coppolino’s former mistress, Marjorie Farber, 53, but was prevented by a bench ruling from questioning stuy about the death of her husband, retired Army Colonel William Farber.

Carl Anthony Coppolino are case studies in the importance juries attach to an ostensibly discredited witness. The Defense Never Rests. Lee Bailey knew his only hope lay in totally discrediting Marjorie Farber. With that and Gibson’s bank account, he would be set for life. Coppolino gave Carmela an overdose in the form of an injection of the anaesthetic succinylcholine chloride.


The trial court listened to the testimony of the expert witnesses and in an exercise of his discretion ruled that the tests in question colpolino sufficiently reliable stuxy justify their admission.

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And this time he received no assistance from the defendant. Also, Farber’s cricoid — stuyd cartilage in the larynx — was fractured, indicating that he had been strangled. The Florida jury convicted the serial philanderer of second-degree murder, and he was sentenced to life.

Juliette Karow, was awakened by a phone call.

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The jury’s answer was a blow to the criminal counselor, who gained fame only last year by winning acquittals for Dr. She told of being under Coppolino’s spell ever since he had first hypnotized her to get rid of a smoking habit. An overdose of succinylcholine chloride is difficult to detect foppolino the body, as succinic acid and choline are found naturally in the body.

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She went to Dr. This attempt to reconcile the admission of the toxicological tests with Frye is unconvincing, and the case is an extreme example of how courts in a Frye jurisdiction can overlook the general acceptance requirement when the evidence is too good to resist. These findings led to dual charges of homicide being filed against Coppolino. Instead, he smothered Farber with a pillow.

NaplesFlorida Dates of Trials: Farber who had aroused police suspicions against Coppolino after he spurned her for wealthy Divorcee Mary Gibson, 39, whom he married six weeks after Carmela’s death, she had little to offer the current trial.


Farber reprised her broken-hearted testimony, but prosecutor Frank Schaub leaned heavily on forensic drug evidence from Dr. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Summing up, Judge Elvin Simmill commented on the vast array of conflicting medical evidence and stressed to the jury that they must be satisfied of Coppolino’s guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.

After his acquittal in New Jersey last dd. on charges of murdering his some time mistress’ husband, Dr. She heard Coppolino tearfully describe how he had just found his wife dead, ostensibly from a heart attack. Carl Anthony Coppolino Trials: On the evening of July 30,Marjorie Farber telephoned the Coppolinos in a state of panic.

Instead, he smothered Farber with a pillow. Shifting tactics, Bailey ridiculed Farber’s claim of having been an unwilling but helpless participant in the murder, saying he would produce medical testimony to prove such obeisance impossible.

Joe Umberger devised a method that would show up abnormally large amounts of the two substances but would not react with the minute quantities normally present.

dr. coppolino case study

He was released inafter just 12 years, when he agreed to abandon medicine.