Damage control is non-existent — no surprise there, given how annoying he is on his Twitter-Twat account. Features by bloghunk Leave a Comment. If you want massive flexibility learn to code. Do you know of any feedback for the skins listed? So making a distinct header with logo, nav and a searchfield all visually held together by being wrapped in a blue box as an example is perfectly possible. This would be my first collision course with constructing a website.

Neither do I have the time to fiddle with a whole new interface. That was the final straw. I do wish there was more documentation and had some things ready to go. Please elaborate on the issues you have with Headway 3, as I have none with the current and latest versions. ATM knock on wood they are not enough to prevent me from being able to use, design and launch using Thesis 2. But great to built really custom child themes.

Headway does not wrap [social] and [navigation] into a row. You no longer have a distinct footer widget row to style. I had wondered if something was wrong diythemess me for finding the new version so difficult to figure out. Hi, Thank you for your service to the Thesis community!

Just managed to do it by cloning the front page.


diythemes thesis 2.0

Well, you get the picture. I think they will be around. It has some cool features, but is way too confusing. Then, because of a lack of documentation, I watched some movie-clips and was positively impressed. With the release of 2. Anyone who bought the basic option at launch has seen at least 9 of their 12 months of support dwindle whilst DIY went back to the drawing board in order to re-write the software to a standard it should have been at the beginning.

Others have said that the simple hooks plugin does not work, so it is not easy to find where things are that way diythemss.

DIYthemes Thesis – Less Than Impressed. Depressed.

Do you know how to make your site mobile friendly? In my case, I have a three-column layout sidebar-content-sidebar but want the content and right sidebar to be wrapped together in a styled box so that they are together visually and distinct from the left sidebar. I think the overall release of 2. What he needed, was someone to tell him: Here are a few situations in which Headway does not wrap discrete rows hopefully your comments system supports the CODE tag or this will look a mess: After playing with Thesis 2.

This is probably your best resource thesiswp: Neither do I have the time to fiddle with a whole new interface. I really like diuthemes writing style!


diythemes thesis 2.0

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DIYthemes Launches Thesis 2.0 Framework

I despise hyperactive affiliate marketers as much as you do. Both plugins are in WordPress. Objective-C programming or what? I have developed sites using both frameworks, and although not strictly drag-n-drop, I find Builder dyithemes easy to use and implement. Go to the Genesis Theme? Other than diythfmes a private no-follow subdomain and build it in my spare time, then upload the complete makeover over the deleated current version, no wait, that will mess up my rankings, right?

Another Nice cool feature in Thesis 2. Others like Genesis, Headway and PageLines followed, and innovated on their own.

Strange, but placing blocks further apart makes the grid layouts more reliable. Like all your other commentators. Whatever machinery generates dihthemes based off the visual editor makes those decisions for you. Thanks for sharing, Oliver.

Please let me know!