Keep a track of time. Interview Two rounds of interview including one case study and one behavioral for about 30 minutes each with 2 senior level folks at Deloitte Consulting. I thought the case interview was too hard and was not something that I expected. Interview Questions Not that difficult. Go through some analytical concepts from books as they straight away ask a situation related question and how very well you handle it.

HR related questions – hierarchy in Deloitte, etc. Would you like us to review something? It’s simple to set up. Unique methodology for solving data structure, algorithm, system design, and behavioral questions. Acceptance is entirely online based. Your input is valuable to us — would you mind trying again? They were very similar to the practice cases that were offered on Deloitte’s website.

Are you sure you want to replace it? Would you like us to review something? It is important here to walk the interviewer through your thinking and move through the case in a logical manner.

Your group has to discuss the entire problem, prepare answers to all the questions deloiitte be ready with charts and the presentation strategy in 20 minutes.

If you get picked for a second interview it was a longer case interview and the interviewer goes over your resume a little more in depth. Try to deooitte new ideas into the discussion.


Deloitte BTA Interview Questions | Glassdoor

Follow Add an Interview. Interview Questions Where do you see yourself in this company?

Communication skills play a major role. The case study was a bit more challenging, but if acse understand the SDLC and implementation strategies, then you’ll definitely be prepared for it. Good attitude and communication skills seemed to be impress to the recruiters.

This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. Pretty simple interviewing process. Be deloittee to operate under pressure. There are two rounds of interviews, they include case and behavioral type questions. You all will be given charts and sketch pens.

Deloitte , Business Technology Analyst Interview Questions

Second round was just the case interview. They will give you a problem statement. They were very similar to the practice cases that were offered on Deloitte’s website.

You have next 20 minutes to present your solution to this new guy. Are you sure you want to replace it? They have outsourced this task to you. During the case question I was as detailed as i could.


Deloitte Business Technology Analyst Interview Questions | Glassdoor

First, I had a 30 minute behavioral phone interview. I interviewed at Deloitte in November The process began with submission of a resume through the Deloitte website and my campus career portal. Dont just argue because others are doing. From what I was told, Deloitte looks for a strong culture fit.

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The questions for this round ranged from everything on my resume to logical puzzles and SQL questions. Given about srudy month to evaluate the offer which is provided over the phone and through a pdf.

Depending on the year the case study may or may not directly apply to the business technology position, the questions can also be driven from the commercial practice for both commercial and xeloitte.

Flag this Item Cancel. The process took 2 days. The test was quant and english oriented.

deloitte case study bta

Interview Overall the interview process was very smooth and structured.