Retrieved July 15, , from Live Science: Undoubtedly, homework hinders learning. It creates a monstorous picture of studies in our mind. Retrieved July 15, , from Huffington Post: I think home work is good because students learn more from homework. For instance, to read a novel or complete a research project, there is simply no time at school to do it properly.

I learn more from homework at times. Some of them might love music but frustrating to do the tedious searching stuff. We should realize sometimes paperworks are just not their desired tea. Without education the people who invented pizza wouldn’t have been able to make the first pizza so without homework the education system wouldn’t be as efficient. When it comes to homework there are three camps:

Setting homework extends study beyond school hours, allowing a wider and deeper education. Support Dispute Clarify Ghosthk 8 4 points I am a middle school debate student. I think its not helpful because it develops inequality among students. Homework Should Be Banned. Students might be forced by their teachers to lie to inspectors, otherwise they hpmework receive even more homework.

Should homework be banned?

As a child growing up, I moved from worksheets, dioramas and book reports to essays, major projects and term papers. This is going to help me for my essay I will have to write. The educational system will have a dramatic uplift, and the youth of today homedork be much more intelligent.


Who hojework have the motivation to go to school when even if their at home they do school works? Is your child’s backpack causing them permanent damage. Why do we have to do homework?

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Do students need homework? Also homework is a way to show yourself that you understand a topic but that isn’t guaranteed because there is work that you can ace on and still don’t know anything about it.

Kids’ concept of stress is monumentally different than an adults. They can look up the answers, plagiarize papers, or work together on assignment meant to be done individually via instant messaging. In Jamaica, all of our homework is super easy, so go to Jamaica if you want to get easy homework. I think homework is a pain in the butt. Homework should not be banned.

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It takes up the whole of our day. Courtesy of The Guardian.

debat tentang homework

So children end up paying with their free time for the failings of their teachers. I am living proof my story is a bit sad but it gives you a big reason to take homework away before it causes more damage.

All the No points:. News Releases Media Coverage. Hoework instance, to read a novel homedork complete a research project, there is simply no time at school to do it properly. How much time should children spend on homework? Firstly, Homework could be an obstable for students to develop their talents. Therefore any ban would only prove a recommendation at best, and could not possibly hope to be enforced.


It should also about being physically active, exploring the environment through play, doing creative debbat like music and art, and playing a part in the community. And, homework and tests causes a lot of stress to me.

When considering the view that homework is harmful, author and speaker Alfie Kohn states that there is no real evidence showing homework to be beneficial to elementary students. Enter your email address to subscribe: Many students need time and experience to develop the study habits that support learning, and homework can provide that as well as the ability to cope with mistakes and difficulty Bempechat, International Resellers Becoming a Reseller.

She says the best types of homework for young children and their parents in their first years of school include:. The person who asked this question mentioned it was part of a debate competition at their school.