I look forward to seeing you all as I have made arrangements to fly to NY within the next two days. You will not silence me no-more. I hurt when YOU classify me as a risk factor or being at risk. Social workers should act to prevent and eliminate domination of, exploitation of, and discrimination against any person, group, or class on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, political belief, religion, or mental or physical disability. Posted in Comment Box. Yeah, now I have to provide that service to people by being the resident angry black bitch. Eli needs our support and love more than ever right now.

I believe I have suggested some rather easy options to continue with your work. We request that you make this space available to the student body as soon as possible. Additional donations will also be collected during this time. I can imagine that you have probably written a book or two and as an author you have become a public figure. She seems unconscious of the consequences of her actions in her allowing this book to be used this way.

The language in the announcement is horrendous. Sasha, the student president for the graduating MSW class, has graciously invited us to attend this potluck and welcome celebration for Eli tomorrow evening.

cussw capstone project

What does that say about their intentions? The students here are so disappointing ….

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I can imagine that you have probably written a book or two and as an author you have become a public figure. What I interpret is what matters most to her is the work being on women at war, pproject such a hot topic and research worthy. This site uses cookies. How ignorant and cussd of me to have had such faith and hope. I can see your intention to keep me at a distance from this issue by skyping me in as an alternative to flying me there. What is unconscionable is that the Dean approves of it.


The Dean of the school does need to be addressed. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. PaintedCrow has flown to NYC to address students and members of the administration cjssw. Eli was largely the inspiration behind SWAN.

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Have you been given the platform to speak to her class?? Please step forward if you would like to take an active part in organizing; assistance with tabling, initiating the discussion in your capstone groups, collecting funds, spreading the word!

KC [sighingeyes rolling]: I am tired as being seen as less than. Do we confuse the law with the moral obligation to protect prokect being researched? Many veterans, myself included, would not be alive today without her.

cussw capstone project

But, to think so would be delusional — oops, there I go with a clinical term. Posted in Uncategorized Leave a comment. As you may or may not know, members of the student body gathered on the evening of Tuesday, April 26,to discuss the serious ethical considerations and impacts that have emerged with regards to the Capstone project.


I will get back to you on a meeting time and date very soon.

Now you all know why it is so hard to find veterans to talk to. Whether I am a client or a subject for study because I am deemed a public figure, these ethics should be considered regardless of what is being done right according to those in power.

I never agreed to have people diagnose me and plan my treatment. Hi Jeanette, so glad we are on a first name ;roject. This is what I ask you to consider. Department of Social Work capstone-project about-helen-benedict News court-petition-for-justice Contacts Home Letter to the Provost. She has offered to fly herself out here to meet personally with students, faculty and capsgone to address these wrongs.

Fapstone students have been valiantly organizing all week to resolve and remedy the injury done to Eli–she will be here any moment, and will be staying in NYC for several days if we are lucky.

There will be a tabling today from noon to 2: PaintedCrow’s response to tonight’s meeting and omitting the micro section of the project. Also, feel free to reach out to us with questions or ideas.