Nicolas Langer Brain plasticity in sport. Home Curriculum Vitae CV. Choose one that is recent. Bachelor Traineeship Experimentalpsychological traineeship ExPra. Grey matter neuroplasticity in professional golf players: Students and graduates with little professional experience are advised to list their academic achievements first, starting with their school-leaving certificate, stating the month and year, without gaps, in reverse chronological order e. October to October

Methodological considerations of the preprocessing and statistical analyses of the dynamics of resting-state functional connectivity. February and March Choose one that is recent. If you have learned languages to certificate level here or abroad, state this under the particular language in the right hand column and state on the left the year or time period in which you gained the certificate or attended a language school abroad. I worked on a regular salary and temporary in different firms of different branches, e. Volker Baur Research topic White matter architecture in children with developmental dyscalculia DD – A dysconnection syndrome?

Grey matter neuroplasticity in professional golf players: July — March Inter- versus intrahemispheric connectivity: Dorian Bellwald Research topic Functional and structural brain correlates of rumination in unmedicated patients with major depressive disorder MDD.

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Computational neuroanatomy supports the diagnosis of dementias in clinical daily routine. Morphometric analyses of magnetic resonance imaging data from different populations.

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Naturalwell-groomed appearance, with formal uhz discreet clothesappropriate for an interview in your line of business shirt, blouse, jacket, blazer Recent photo max. Genes, Brain and Behavior.


Resting state functional MRI-based connectivity correlates of mild traumatic brain injury in the acute phase. The photo should be between 4. As your hobbies should ideally reflect advantageous aspects of your character that relate to the job, only mention hobbies that you can say something meaningful about. Globally altered structural brain network topology in grapheme-colour synaesthesia. Common terms of specification include mother tongue, business proficient, fluent, excellent, good, basic knowledge.

Neuroarchitecture of interval-taste, tone-colour, and grapheme-colour synaesthesia investigated by voxel-based VBMsurface-based morphometry SBMand diffusion tensor imaging DTI. Brain Imaging and Behavior.

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Structural and functional magnetic resonance imaging based biomarkers of a positive outcome after mild traumatic brain injury mTBI.

Methods and applications in basic and clinical neuroscience.

curriculum vitae uzh

Impartial local parliamentarian parteiloser Einwohnerrat of the town of Liestal from to Application Photo If the job ad does not ask for a photo, you are free to decide whether to supply one or not.

List of Publications If you have already published works and this is relevant to the position, you can list your works or excerpts from them. Cogent Psychology, curriculm new open access journal by Cogent OA.


curriculum vitae uzh

Ideally, you should structure and formulate further experience in the same way as your education and professional experience. Saturday, 24 September Professoral thesis Habilitation, PD. Volker Baur Anxiety-related processing in vihae brain — structural and functional connectivity patterns.

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Anxiety-related processing in the brain — structural and functional connectivity patterns. Be careful not to generalize but give precise information. Professional Experience Structure and formulate your professional experience in the same way as for your education. Marlene Sofie Topka Resting state functional MRI-based connectivity correlates of Takotsubo cardiomyopathy broken heart syndrome in women. If these are not relevant to the new job and you have since gained more interesting professional experience then you can consolidate them into one period, e.

High German, oral and written mother curricluum is Swiss German.

You can get inexpensive photos for your application at Foto Welti. Professional choice class Berufswahlklasse in Ziefen, Basle-Country. Brain and Trauma Foundation GrisonsSwitzerland. Master Project Group Computational neuromorphometry.