Once you have a job offer, your country of citizenship will determine your next steps. Place to live in Stockholm. The Europass is a pan-European CV. You often have to add a desired salary to applications. Children in a divorce. Finnish and Swedish language in Turku. Information about Finnish and Swedish.

Health care in Raahe. Include the name of the degree, the name of the study programme, the name of the educational institute and the time of graduation. Living as an immigrant in Raahe. Family in the Ylivieska Region. Under this section you can also include courses, seminars, congresses or conferences that are relevant in relation to the position. Living as an immigrant in Siikajoki. Give emphasis to your qualities without lying.

Financial support for disabled persons.

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Tips for a job interview Finnish Swedish Currculum Starting a new job Always make a written contract of employment before you start a new job. Everyday life at the workplace.

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Life in the Ylivieska Region. The rights and obligations of Finnish citizens. More information is available on the InfoFinland web page Testimonial of service. Equality and equal opportunities in working life. Problem situations in Kauniainen. You can describe the goals of your job search or your special competence.


Call and ask for advice. Recognition svenskh a degree Finnish Swedish English. Problem situations in Rovaniemi. Benefits for a family after a child is born.

Assure the employer that you are suitable for the task.

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Education in the Ylivieska Region. How does ‘vabba’ work? How to become interoperable with Europass? Content Make a different CV for each job you are applying to, in order to adapt it to their needs. Family in the Raahe-Kalajoki Region. Children in a divorce. Problem situations in Siikajoki.

curriculum vitae svenskt

You should think of it as the document that gets you the interview – nothing more. You can also delete or change your area selection. If you’ve led a big project, write it on your CV, even if it wasn’t viewed as such a big project in the company you did it for. The InfoFinland website is published by the City of Helsinki, and it is funded by the state and the InfoFinland member municipalities.


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Finnish and Swedish language in Rovaniemi. Work and enterprise in the Raahe-Kalajoki Region. Read about work permits in the next article to learn about the process for citizens of your particular country. Please check your virae connection and try again. Work and Enterprise in Kauniainen.

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Include the name of the degree, the name of the study programme, the name of the educational institute and the time of graduation. The Finnish education system. Along with the cover letter which is more literary and personalit should clearly show any interested employers exactly what they can expect from you and why they should hire you!

Information about the Raahe-Kalajoki Region. The Swedish dream was always too good to be true.