You want to strike the perfect balance of uniqueness, class, and professionalism. What are sans-serif fonts? Times New Roman remains one of the most-used resume fonts, even today. Italics are useful for supporting text, just like the smaller font size we mentioned before. Verdana is a good font to use on a resume! The best resume font size is a 12pt font. Not so hard, after all, was it?

We went digging for a complete set of professionally fly fonts and returned with just one consensus winner: Calibri takes number one on our list and has really gained popularity lately. As a default font, it also means other job seekers may use Calibri, which means your resume might not stand out from others. What is the best font to use for a resume in ? This is probably the most debated font when it comes to resume writing.

It also has a more modern look to it than other fonts. It also provides a modern kick compared to other traditional fonts. Does it look like the resume of an old, seasoned veteran?

Best Font for a Resume: What Size & Typeface to Use? [15+ Pro Tips]

Trebuchet is a great option since it was designed to appear well on a screen which is how most employers will view your resume. Arial is an excellent font to use on a resume. This guide will show you: A trebuchet is a medieval siege engine that launches projectiles of slow, painful death such as buckets of stones or dead bodies to spread disease long distances and over defending walls.


It was used by Microsoft for many years for a variety of different programs. However, it is very important to realize that some font styles run bigger and some run smaller.

Though you may have already increased the font size for titles, bolding can help subtitles stand out without having to enlarge them. You can find Georgia across writing platforms.

Jean Jannon later designed a similar typeface that most other digital versions of Garamond resemble. Using old faithful might send the wrong sign to your future boss, though.

However, it seems now as of March that Google Docs includes Cambria to choose from, as well. Must be a valid e-mail address. Also, Letrertype Sans Pro is freely available for commercial use and you can find it in our resume builder!

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What are sans-serif fonts? Do not even look at Comic Sans. Didot is an elegant font designed by Firmin Didot just before the French Revolution. Just let it go. When drafting your resume, keep in mind all the things we mentioned here.

The Best Fonts to Use on a Resume (Updated 2019)

Viae make sure your typeface stays intact, embed the font in the file. Is 10pt font too small for a resume? Voor die sollicitatie binnenkort, of gewoon omdat het hard nodig is? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.


curriculum vitae lettertype

Not so hard, after all, was it? And those pesky section heading titles?

curriculum vitae lettertype

Tips and tricks for standard professional fonts to use on a resume. Noto fonts, available in both serif and sans-serif versions, cover a whopping 93 different language scripts alphabetsalmost languages, and over geographical regions on earth. Try our leytertype builder.

Like Calibri, Cambria was also commissioned by Microsoft by a Dutchman and created in Calibri takes number one on our list and has really gained popularity lately.

Best Font for a Resume: What Size & Typeface to Use? [15+ Pro Tips]

Have any questions on how to choose the best resume font? Matthew Carter created Verdana for ,ettertype as the sans-serif sister to Georgia.

What size font for a resume and a cover letter works like a charm on employers.