Experiments Computing Integrated coursework Integrated design project. The practicum requires 50 hours of field work during the fall semester. In addition, each student is required to give a short minute talk on technical material and to take part in a debate on a current technical topic, or other appropriate activity. This is a project The exams and module coursework are marked separately from the fourth year project , and the lowest of these two marks determines your final grade. The project builds on Part IA teaching in electronics, computing, mechanics and structures, and aims to develop teamwork and communication skills.

Respect your measurements and remain sceptical about theories until the physical evidence is convincing. See the Department’s statement on assessment types for an explanation of the differences between formative and summative assessment activities and details of how you can expect to receive feedback on your performance throughout the course. Each team member is individually responsible for a particular sub-system, e. All the material and documentation for the course will be made available online, through the course Moodle page. Some experiments are ‘short’. For further details see the sustainable engineering Moodle page. They also undertake a major project that occupies about half of the total time throughout the year.

Students in Parts IA-IIA will be alerted when the initial list of projects offered for summer is posted and further projects will be added as staff propose them. Computational Fluid Dynamics…31 May Coursework with integrated lectures.

Each team member is individually responsible for a particular sub-system, e. To develop an awareness of the safety of the individual and the group through the safe and careful operation of potentially hazardous equipment. Skip to main content. Mainly 2h examination papers, choice broadly four questions out of six. Students will be asked to demonstrate their code and answer a few questions to make sure they understand the course ibtegrated. Experiments are the physical reality: All students undertake a Structural Design Project.


Students undertake 13 experiments during the Lent term integrater the first three weeks of the Easter term.

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We advise that you specify your grades for each Part of the Tripos and explain that the University does not aggregate the results for each year ihtegrated an overall class. The students’ assimilation of the material covered in the eight lectures on the principles of design is tested through a product design project where they are asked to design a device to meet a specified need.

cued integrated coursework

The principles of dimensional analysis are covered in four lectures at the start of term followed by two experiments and questions may be set on this topic in the Part IA examinations.

The Engineering Department has a commitment to inclusive teaching and has published a transferable skills statement to set out the skills and attributes intgerated we expect undergraduates to acquire during their time at Cambridge. This is a long list of aims to be achieved, and others could be added to it.

The practicum requires 50 hours of field work during the fall semester. The Lego lab handout issued at the introductory lecture xoursework instructions on how to sign on to Moodle. Software Engineering and…31 May Timing and Structure.

Integrated Coursework Project Cued

Some experiments are ‘short’. To foster interest and understanding in the subject through practical work that demonstrates engineering applications.

cued integrated coursework

Students work on the Major Project in small groups. All the material and documentation for the course will be made available online, through the course Moodle page.


To obtain direct experience of physical phenomena, such as the annealing of a metal or the reflection of an electric wave. Candice has 8 jobs listed on their profile. Elastic beams L Materials: The maximum final mark is thereforeand most students are expected to receive this mark.

Screen images showing sectional representation of neuroanatomy as a cut through the whole brain. Lab work is designed to reinforce the treatment of topics covered in lectures. Outlines of the Part IB coursework activities and experiments are given below, together with the number of timetabled sessions allocated to them.

The good practice initiated during the exposition exercises is developed throughout the course, whenever students write laboratory or project reports, essays or give oral presentations on their project work. Students will work in pairs. Eight lectures are given on the role of the engineer in societyin which the wider issues that influence technical decision making are discussed.

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Instead, each Part of a Tripos is self-contained and you obtain separate results for each one: To develop skills in organisation and co-operation through working in pairs or in larger groups on a common task to meet a specified deadline. A modular design and unit testing are required to ensure that the two parts work together correctly. You may have heard the phrase “a double first”, which means that a first class was achieved in two sets of examinations corresponding to two different Parts of Triposes.