Students are evaluated based upon motivation, past academic performance, need for services, and potential for success in college. A comprehensive program of support services that include counseling. This orientation includes an explanation of campus procedures and requirements. Is academically eligible for regular admission, as determined by the CSU eligibility index, is referred to the Admissions Office for regular admission, or Is not eligible for regular admission may be referred to a community college to improve his or her skills, or the student may request that admission materials be forwarded to the EOP Office at the second choice campus. A- EOPs goals and objectives are in assisting low income college students. We may verify received forms with individual recommenders.

Do EOP applicants automatically qualify for an application fee waiver? Please contact each campus individually. This orientation includes an explanation of campus procedures and requirements. However, EOP is an admission program that provides comprehensive services to provide academic support to assist students with their success throughout their undergraduate studies through graduation. Such students may be eligible for admission to a CSU campus through:

csu eop essay questions

QDoes EOP serve graduate level students? Fill out the form and mail with copies of all supporting documents to: A- Admission notices will go out in mid-March and mid-April.

The EOP can admit regularly admissible students if they require the full program of assistance offered by the EOP in order to succeed in the University. Q2-What are the benefits of joining EOP? Q1-What does EOP stand for?


A- Students interested in enrolling in EOP must apply by January 15th before receiving their admission decision from the university. We are open from 8: Their hours of operation is Monday through Friday, pm, Pacific Time. A- Educational Opportunity Program.

EOP Frequently Asked Questions

The booklet is accepted on all CSU campuses and contains all the necessary documents for admission into the program. There is no charge. Current CSU admission policy limits the number of students admitted as exceptions to a small percentage of the total number of undergraduate students admitted.

A- Educational Opportunity Program. Typical services provided by a campus E0P include, but are not limited to, recruitment. Only marking the yes box without accessing and questipns the EOP application will accomplish nothing. At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving: Q5-What if I did not esaay taxes?

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EOP aids in the academic success of low income students by providing a comprehensive program of support services. However, although low family income is a major consideration, the decision for admission is not made entirely on the basis of financial need: A- No, EOP is a program for undergraduate students only.


Are only ethnic minority students admitted through the EOP? Priority is given to students who are living in the residential halls. You will receive an email regarding your admission status to EOP.

EOP Frequently Asked Questions

A- Yes, you can submit paper applications by mail or in person. A- No, a completed EOP application is required.

For Word files, download Microsoft Word viewer if needed. At SDSU some of the main benefits include receiving:.

This orientation includes qustions explanation of campus procedures and requirements. Applicants who are denied admission may request that their application materials be transferred to the second choice campus.

csu eop essay questions

Please contact each campus individually. EOP First Contact provides an orientation specifically for the Educational Opportunity Program and allows you to connect with your counselor before the beginning of the year. EOP provides information about admissions, financial assistance and advisement services to undergraduate students who demonstrate the potential to succeed academically at the college level. You need to log back into www. EOP is an admission and retention program.