Most DNP students I know have had some idea about their capstone prior to entering the program. To prevent comment spam, please type the code you see below into the code field before submitting your comment. Thankfully, I just happened to pick a topic they were interested in and were not inundated with similar products. On the difficulty scale, make sure the topic falls somewhere in between curing cancer and measuring garden slug growth. Enter the security code below: Log in or sign up in seconds.

Preparing your DNP project is an exciting time, as it allows you to lay the groundwork for future scholarship while at the same time giving you a chance to make a potentially meaningful contribution to improving nursing practice and patient outcomes. Talk with other DNP students. It doesn’t have to be specifically about CRNA work. Many students have some difficulties with the design of scientific papers and perhaps have not engaged in this before. Re-evaluate the application and identify areas for improvement. We are always ready to help our clients in any difficult situation and at any time of the day. This would allow you to examine what the question really is, explore the available literature and develop the project in a manner that is manageable for the timeline you need to move through the program.

Picking a Capstone Before Starting a DNP Program

Thanks again for your reply and good luck with school Maybe it has to do with improving protocols or quality of care in an area of interest. I imagine that your question would be greatly affected by the number of day surgery vs. We ideaw be glad to review your application in the future. Very helpful in sparking some ideas for me Get an idea idsas your prospective capstone advisor has a good grip on reality, is easy going and is not bent on making peoples lives miserable.


Don’t let professors get you bent out of shape in your other courses as you develop your capstone. You will use the DNP project to demonstrate your ability to lead and practice at the highest level of clinical nursing practice. A change project was initiated to increase influenza vaccination among healthcare personnel at a college Step 2. Xapstone Politics – Nabia Malouf-Todaro.

Pick the rest of the committee. Careful selection of a capstone chairperson is important, as the student and chairperson will develop a plan of study and work closely throughout the process. Student works with Capstone Chairperson to develop the proposal, using the Committee in an advisory capacity, as needed.

Most DNP students I know have had some idea about their capstone prior to entering the program. Costs– Surveys, Translators, Forms etc.

crna capstone project ideas

Find your capstone chair first. Does my project address outcomes associated with patients and healthcare?

Start on the process as early as possible. When planning your paper, the topic should reflect the applied nature of the paper and the nature of the future activities of the specialist. Submit a new link. You don’t need to be specific. For example, I live on a farm vrna I love living in a rural.

My first idea is, I would like to explore the effects of residual paralysis related to pulmonary complications but I feel like this is hard to test or have no idea how to measure something like that.

DNP Capstone Project Guide | DNP Final Project Ideas and Examples

Committee members critique the project, identify any changes or additional work to be done, and determine the outcome of the DNP project defense.


Now, ixeas have the experience to consider the capstoone factors impacting adoption and plan an intervention that is more likely to become accepted practice in your clinical setting. In one of my courses, as an example, I was pretty much told by the professor that my project, presented in assignment format, was not worthy of doctoral work, lacked any measure of credibility, resourcefulness or innovation and essentially represented iguana dung in written form.

crna capstone project ideas

To prevent comment spam, please type the code you see below into the code field before submitting your comment. Summary of Proposed Capstone Leadership Project As part of the DNP program you will be required to complete a scholarly leadership project that focuses on a nurse anesthesia practice problem.

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If I had not communicated with my hero Denise beforehand, our IRB contact and reworded my proposal a bit, it could have easily been many weeks if not months to complete. Proper care of patients allows you to earn their trust, which will increase relations between the patient and the doctor. The idea of the capstone is not to generate new science, but to translate evidence into practice. It doesn’t have to be specifically about CRNA work. Make sure your capstone advisor matches your needs.

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