The rate of a forward step is proportional to the concentration of each species involved in that step. Because the IE1 of Li is 0. As temperature increases, molecules move faster so that collisions are more frequent and more violent, so effective collisions occur more frequently. Because the initial concentrations are identical. Day 3-Last side of Vocab. The third peak, at high IE, has the same intensity as one of the low IE peaks.

The results in Table 2 are consistent with the first statement. CH cyclobutane, 2-butene, and 1-octene: When comparing the energy levels of the two different electrons, the electron with the lower more negative potential energy is the lower energy level. The number of neutrons is zero, analogous to 1H and 1H-. The hydroxide ion is not shown because its concentration would be extremely small in these acidic solutions.

The hydroxide ion is not shown because its concentration would be extremely small in these acidic solutions.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 45-1 answers

Day 1-Study for Vocab. The critiical metals tend to lose one electron; the halogens tend to gain one electron. The IE1 of Li is 0.

There are eight electrons around all O atoms and all Cl atoms.

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N must have more unpaired electrons than C. Thus, the partial charge on H in HF should be more positive.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 45-1 answers

Molecules will collide but no reaction will take place. The ionization energy is larger by a factor of 2.


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The voltaic cell can 1 answesr a flow of electrons that can do work and 2 can be stopped and started by throwing a switch. Sheet Day nd page of vocab.

If the oxidation number is increased, that species is oxidized. The third shell is the valence shell.

For roughly equal MWs the intermolecular forces increase as follows: If the Lewis bond orders were correct the bond energies would alternate between single and double bond energies. Answer and solutions below. Breaking the ionic compound apart into its constituent atoms would require an input of energy from somewhere!

F is more electronegative than Cl. Yes, if you count all six of the bonding electrons as being “around” each of the N atoms. When an acid loses a proton, the species that remains is a base. The experimental spectrum is similar to the predicted spectrum that has the last electron at the 4s energy level the Worlsheet is closest to 0. The first two electrons are relatively easy to remove. No, you must know the temperature as well. Day 2-Complete ceitical for your African River.

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This is in agreement with Lewis structure I where the C—O with the attached hydrogen is the single, and longer C—O bond.

More energy is required to break all of the bonds of the reactants than is released when the product is formed, so the reaction is endothermic. XeO4, 32; PCl5, If the 3rd electron is farther away from the nucleus than the electron in H the IE1 would be much lower that the IE1 for H.


critical thinking diagram worksheet 45-1 answers

H2O reacts as an acid in 2 ; H2O reacts as a base in 1. The electrons with the highest IE will be 1s electrons. O-H is attached to C atom; H is attached to N atom. If there are two electrons in a filled s subshell, one is spin up and the other is spin down.

Day 4-Finish any work that was not completed. H2O l because the molecules are much closer in the liquid than in the gas. Core charge; valence shell; charge on species or number of criticql electrons. The valence shell of Cl is 3 and it is found in the third row. Table 2 gives the electron configuration of the selected elements but not the ionization energies for each level.