Shakir Philip August 2, at I want to send him a email apologizing for the mistake. Ugh this just happened to me on Friday I sent a typo in my cover letter. I followed your suggestion of leaving a voicemail and follow up email, and while the hiring manager may or may not hold it against me, I definitely feel better knowing I’ve done what I could to correct it. What an incredible job you guys are doing. My typo was an unintentional grammar error because I had spent hours perfecting not only the resume, but also the cover letter.

I added a quote to the bottom of the email after my signature: I must specify, I am not a native language speaker! Had the best interview of my life; sent the thank you and noticed tonight Confirm an Error Correction or Revision – writeexpress. A little oops like a spelling mistake or typo, a broken image, and so on

cover letter typo resend

Had the best interview of my life; sent the thank you and noticed tonight I am going to read more on your blog. Don’t panic; some hiring managers may even think more highly of it if you’re able to recover eltter grace. Shakir Philip August 2, at Whereas some of them can get your resume thrown in a trash, other ones will easily go unnoticed.


typo in cover letter resend

From the tons of comments on your posts. Just curious — did you get the job?? When I sent the project, I had a huge typo instead of writing “spreadsheet” I wrote “spread shit”.

When it comes to email marketing, If there is a typo or error in the cover letter or application questions you submitted to an employer, Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois.

typo in cover letter resend

Leslie O’Flahavan August 4, at Parafreegal in Chicago, Illinois 82 months ago. Customer Service Chat by Vizio: The cover letter and resume I attached had no mistakes but it was just that opening e-mail.

cover letter typo resend

If the prospective employer is in this category, an apology will not make the situation better. If you made a mistake while writing your cover letter, covre you don’t find it until after it’s sent, should you correct and resend it?

My keyboard k key didnt work.

cover letter typo resend

Mimi April 13, vover USCIS does not require you to submit a cover letter, but we’ve created a sample I cover letter to clarify several situations. Do you have the same question?

I made a mistake when I was writing my cover letter – should I resend it?

Please keep writing as I want to learn more. Content is not continuously monitored. I never heard back from him.


Also there is no dream job these days. I actually came across it as I just realized that I misspelled the employer’s name in an application I sent one week ago so I was looking for advice: Should I resend an updated cover letter Each case deserves consideration on its own and asks for a different approach.

I made the mistake of inserting a period where a comma was required. I don’t think it even phased them.

I am applying for a position in another european country than mine. I add your site ewriteonline.

None of my other emails sent had this issue. Should I resend it Leslie O’Flahavan September 13, at Getting Our Stories Straight: I believe the cover letter was in other ways exemplary and made a persuasive case.