Can you read my letter and give me your thoughts? This clinical portion of your program is lead by a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant in the clinic or hospital. Practice For Sale – Emergency Medicine 0. Or sign in with one of these services. Orthopaedic Total Joints Surgery Pediatric Emergency Medicine Included below is an example NP cover letter to help get you started.

You might want to include a brief statement on your philosophy of care. I conducted initial and follow-up evaluations and monitored psychotropic medications during TMS treatments. NC29mom has 10 years experience and works as a RN. For more information about me, visit my website www. Now that my final term is approaching I would like to continue to hone my skills in wound care and I feel your wound care center would be a great opportunity. Providers that have precepted prior students and enjoyed the experience will likely be up for the task.

Pediatric Urgent Care 4.

cover letter for fnp preceptor

Didn’t learn anything new, here. Geriatric Medicine Leadership Internal Medicine-Critical Care Medicine 6. Heart Failure Cardiology Critical Care Anesthesiology cpver. If you can’t speak to the provider directly, leave a resume and a short cover letter explaining your mission.


Find a Student Seeking a Preceptor

Inquire about what types of clinical sites, the number of hours, and time you have to complete these precepror early on in your program. For more information about me, visit my website www. Pediatric Neurological Surgery 7. Practice For Sale – Neonatology 0. What makes you unique?

cover letter for fnp preceptor

Pediatric Preventive Medicine 0. Hepatology – DDW 3. Let your passion shine! Avoid simply repeating the facts listed in your resume. General Preventive Medicine 1. During this time I was also exposed to a variety of wounds including, surgical wounds, diabetic wounds and burns.

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While there are no specific cover letter rules, there does seem to be a right and wrong way to write one. This expands your network of prospective preceptors. Practice For Sale – Thoracic Surgery 0.

cover letter for fnp preceptor

Practice For Sale – Rheumatology 0. Highlight special skills you may have. Be sure to tailor your letter to the specific job description. A good way to start is to generate a list of your qualities and achievements that aren’t already obvious in your resume or application.


Anesthesiology Critical Care Medicine 0. Practice For Sale – Geriatric Medicine 0.

A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide to the Perfect Cover Letter

Nuclear Medicine Radiology 1. Skip to main content. When taking this approach, visit clinics in the early morning hours right at opening before receptionists are inundated with patients and providers are running behind. Medical Bites The Paycheck: More information about text formats. My name is Melissa DeCapuaand I am a board certified psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Providers that have precepted prior students and enjoyed the experience will likely be up for the task. Sign in with LinkedIn.