Coursework Collection subtab If you are attached in ISIS to the module run as a Coursework Collector, the Coursework Collection subtab is where you would collect coursework submitted by your students. Please note this is not the Submission Deadline. File size reports can vary to a small degree, but should the reported file differ to a large degree, you may wish to re-submit as this may be due to a data corruption in transit. If you believe you have made a mistake with your submission and the deadline has already passed, please contact an Information Point for advice. The naming convention both protects anonymity and helps with organising assessment. The ability to view student photosets in myUWE is available only to members of staff who have been granted access, either by being attached to a teaching activity in SyllabusPlus or by being attached as a viewer in ISIS.

The coursework coversheet contains a space for you to record the word count for your coursework. Submitting Kaltura Media or other media files to an assignment For students who have been asked to create or upload a video file using Kaltura Media, you first need to access Kaltura Media and upload or create your media file in your My Media area. File names which start with a full stop; end with a full stop; or do not contain a full stop at all, cannot be submitted. You can download up to 24 hours following the deadline itself. You can either print it immediately after download or save it to your computer to use later. On submission, the single file contributed will be re-named with the work item number, then the student number, separated by underscore characters. Your tutor will inform you if they will be using this function to collect coursework.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

Before making your submission, please read Things to be aware of before submitting. If you attempt to upload a file larger than this you will be presented with the following error message:. For further information, please see our Coursework subtab guidance. If you are attached to a teaching activity in SyllabusPlus you should have access to sheeh the photoset for that activity, as long as the activity is associated with a Module Run in ISIS.

Coursework subtab 31st March – the Coursework tab has undergone changes to the way coursework is displayed. Whilst the issue with myUWE is being looked into, the error message provides direct links to other systems such as Blackboard and UWE email so that you can access them directly.


If you have been attached to a specific group in ISIS as a Viewer, nyuwe will have access to view the photoset for that group. Please enable javascript and cookies in your browser.

Student number verification Coursework Submission Coursework receipt Successful upload Unsuccessful upload Re-submitting work items Zip files File size limit Illegal file extensions Anonymity and file naming conventions Online Coursework Submission is intended for use by Distance Learning Courses or where your tutor requires the submission to be electronic and will mark electronically.

Please be aware that large files may take a while to submit and it may seem like nothing is happening. Return to top Anonymity and file naming conventions Files submitted by students to this system are renamed on upload.

To add or amend a personal e-mail address, go to the ‘My Details’ tab and select the ‘Personal Details’ sub-tab.

Please note that you can only submit one file, any submission that requires more than one file should be submitted packaged in a zip file. Myuqe note that shedt submission made ymuwe the 24 hour period will incur a penalty. Online Coursework Submission is intended for use by Distance Learning Courses or where your tutor requires the submission to be electronic and will mark electronically.

Expand the Mashups tool and select Kaltura Media from the list. Blackboard will open and show your modules within the Blackboard courses tab. Resit Assignments – during the resit period, only the students who are resitting will see resit assignments.

You need to complete the assignment submission process following the steps below. If a coursework item has been set up for you to submit online via Blackboard or shee submit hard copy with a downloadable coversheet, it will be displayed in the ‘Coursework’ subtab from the date it is released. Review the Instructions and any files attached by the instructor. Therefore it is equally important for the university to retain records of both correctly, and incorrectly, entered addresses.

Online Coursework Submission

If you coursewirk to see this message please go to the password manager and change your password. In each case you will be taken to the UWE login page: The following conditions must be met for coursework to be submitted and collected via myUWE: The cover sheet may or may not be used by the marker, it is merely a cover sheet with pre-populated information about the associated coursework and is more useful when the work is printed before marking.


The Coursework tab provides students with a complete overview of their Blackboard assignments including their submission courxework their marks and feedback from instructors, all in one table view. If you need to attach any other Kaltura Media files, we recommend you click to the right of the table which contains the first media file before repeating steps 6 and 7 again.

The Coursework Submission Coversheet is not generic, it is specific to you and the coursework submission, which means that you must not share these coversheets with any other students nor attach them to coursework other than that identified.

Online Coursework Submission – UWE Bristol: myUWE Support

If you are trying to enter an address for UWE student accommodation – you do not need to enter this information in myUWE – we will automatically populate this information for your term address when you pick up your keys. If you need to receive mywe paper copy of your final marks, please contact your Student Administration team.

coursework cover sheet myuwe

Unsuccessful upload Should you not receive both an on-screen receipt and an e-mail, it is essential that you contact us. Any text added to this area will be courssework to your instructor as html and may not be marked.

This is called a ‘session timeout’ and is common with many web systems. The mark is against the latest submission you made Any text based feedback from your instructor A link is provided to any feedback documents attached by your instructor plus a MartingRecord txt file. Please refer mmyuwe our Appropriateness of announcements in myUWE guidance.