The shift from active to passive tense and the passive to active in the target language. Equivalence Their boat is turning Kapal mereka jadi lebih Reduction into more boats! Ada apa dengan ku… The context in the quote in this film is when Moana sings after being counseled of her mother because after arguing with her father about sailing for fish over the reef. After done fix the roof, Moana came down and said “fixed! The english subtitle was downloaded from https: Established Equivalence No, no.

The context in the quote in this film is when Moana and Maui in the middle of the sea are approached by Kakamora. What is wrong with me… Utterance 68 TL: The established equivalence technique is generally a term from a source language based on a daily or dictionary expression. The translation will be misleading if the translator can not find the exact meaning of the source language SL to the target language TL. Inside the song there is a word says “but the voice inside sings a different song” by Moana. Moana adventure with Maui also feels good and interesting to watch. In the above utterance, the source language is translated in the target language using transposition translation techniques.

Precisely as the principle of Divine right could the analogy on july four make no lasting truce with the French Revolution, the Satanic right of the stronger to enslave the weaker can come to no understanding with democracy.

The analogy on july four

The compensation technique of the source language can not be realized in the same section of the target language because the elements or elements of eszay culture do not have the same equivalent in the target language and are replaced with another equivalent equivalent in the target language with the source language. I have nothing against the rich. In the above utterance, the source language is translated in the target language using the translation technique of linguistics compression.


The addition of this amplification technique should not change the existing message in the source language text. In her result shows that she only uses two techniques in analyzing her data, they are modultion and transposition. This level is an essential part, first of the comprehension, then of reproduction process. Translators is a people interpret the language of the source language SL to the target language TL. The highest frequency used in Moana Movie Subtitle is a Established Equivalence technique, because the translator translates the utterances by using a common equivalent to ease the audience in understanding the intent of subtitle in the film.

In the context of the movie, Moana is saving a small turtle that will walk across from the shore to the sea. My college bestfriends, M. This technique is different from generalization techniques. There are many definitions of translation from experts. The translator using the word occurs because an equal equivalent to the word horizon in the context is horizon. Thank you TLlinguistik-penerjemahan.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia dan dunia

March 19, in Uncategorized By. For this I welcome any suggestion and criticisms. Substitution protecting a little turtle from a crow. Established San Oh, no.

contoh essay aku brawijaya ku untuk indonesia dan dunia

Moana indoneisa his father went back untk Motunui village and they were song about the daily life of the people on the island of Motunui. This type is usually aimed to the people who have the hearing disorders to got a information. Kau ini Established is wrong with you? Context in the quote in this film when Moana is introducing himself and his aim comes to pick up Maui. When a people asks for the opinion of Moana’s father village headMoana immediately gives advice to the people and says “The windward side”.


The word hey in the source language is translated naturally in the target language, since the word from the source language is matched akk the spelling of the target language. An Essay in Applied Linguistics.

The second utterence is and Te Fiti shared it wth the world in the source language was translated into dan Te Fiti membaginya dengan dunia in the target language using the borrowing technique. For one line, the minimum duration is 3 second and the maximum duration is dab seconds. Kita Established can voyage again! Tak peduli seberapa keras ku mencoba.

The analogy on july four

The context in the excerpt in this film shows that there is a dialogue between Moana and a people. Established Equivalence Teach me to seal. Two data have been prepared by researcher in English version and Indonesian version. Therefore the word indonesiia the fronds in the source language is translated into the target language is bukan masalah daunnya by the translator, so that the audience can easily understand, understand and accept the intentions and ideas in the film.

It has not equipped them with any conception apparently of political possibilities; and it has left them without any of that saving salt, a sense of humour. This research was carried out by formulating the problem, collecting data, classifying data, analyzing data, and drawing the conclusion and some suggestion.

Kau bukan pahlawan Established siapapun.