To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: What a Difference a Shake Makes video on YouTube, reviews gained from the video shows people who liked and made comments were very enthusiastic about the video. At the moment, sticking to one type of audience for my product will be most ideal for me to find out whether that type of audience is the right audience for my product or not. In todays lab session, our lab tutor introduced us to the final coursework for this module. You are commenting using your WordPress. Phd essay writing running any kind of a business, communication is one of the key skills you need to succeed.

While at the water fountain one morning, you overhear two of your co-workers discussing how the market price of a new is determined. Notify me of new comments via email. Metrics used on Facebook to evaluate the commercialization of the product. In the critical theory these select few coursework the rich or the bourgeoisie of society. Shooting the outdoor scenes were difficult to shoot due to the weather raining, so I had to wait for the right moment when the rain stopped to be able to shoot outside. Application of diverse social media tools are listed below: A social media plan for Dynamo Energy Drink is also available to download from here:

For the weekly updates concerning the progress of the commercial product, details can be found at: Answer Operations management is primary Discuss Shakespeare’s presentation of Othello cmt a tragic media. Facebook Link to Power Milkshake: In promoting my Power Milkshake drink through the social media websites and methods, I intend to create a fun way of promoting my product by posting funny messages while also raising strong awareness about my product.

Phd essay writing running any kind of a business, communication is one of the key skills you need to succeed. As it provides a user the option to watch any videos first from a social media channel they have subscribed to once they log into their account, which helps any business to create brand awareness or cmt3331 increase brand awareness on a social media platform.


cmt3331 coursework 3

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Over 80 million bottles of Yazoo are sold annually in three flavours; banana, chocolate and strawberry. They want employees who can see the big picture of how these functional areas interact. You will be working with operations courrsework need to understand operations no matter what career path you choose.

Coursework 3 | New Media (CMT)

This means that instead of worrying about your Functionalist view The first being that structural functionalism new on the factors in society that allow it to interact cohesively. Now if a student is drained out, the Power Milkshake product would be ideal for them to drink because as a fuel, protein contains 4 kcal per gram, just like carbohydrates which contain 9 kcal per gram, so this can ignite the energy levels and motivation back into a person and make him or her stronger mentally and physically.

Friesland Campina, the courrsework behind the production of the Yazoo Milkshakes is a Dutch dairy cooperative providing consumers all over the world with milk and valuable products made from milk. I showed my lab tutor some scenes drawn on paper to gain good feedback whilst drawing the rest of the other storyboard scenes on paper as well.

NicholasButtigiegCMT In the Bahamas, farmers coursewokr to deal with their crops withering, when the weather conditions are terrible and there is not enough rain water to supply new crops. You will severely limit your career if you take a narrow functional perspective. Yazoo has much higher views and more subscribers than its main rival Friji Milkshake.

Target Audience Power Milkshake is a high protein milkshake drink, so my target audience will be young adults between the ages of And if they are not, then research can be carried out to find a new type of audience for my milkshake.

Monthly archives April Once all my sound was found and recorded, all of it was implemented in the video and by the end of this week, I got my Power Milkshake commercial completed.

cmt3331 coursework 3

Below is the Promotional video on YouTube and Vimeo. After the lab session had finished, I went to the Angels Fancy Dress shop and bought my superhero costume:. These 2 objects were scaled to the width of the Front and pasted to it as new layers.


Cmt3331 new media coursework 3 – CMT NEW MEDIA « Victor Akinfemiwa (Vicross)

Social Networks will be one type of social media that will be used as this in fact allows a business to connect with other consumers; the most popular being Facebook. I chose the costume of the Green Lantern as the other superhero costumes were too recognisable and I was looking for a corusework costume which has a less recognisable logo.

Prior to the design layouts of the promotional posters and commercial video advert, storyboards were adapted as follows: All my ctm3331 scenes were taking place inside and outside my house, the first scene I shot in my kitchen when the character opens the fridge to find out the milk has finished. Power Milkshake Bottle Cover. Figure 2 — Storyboard for commercial video.

Promoting my product through email, this will depend on how many people are interested in subscribing to receiving newsletters via their emails. An advertisement will be created for my courxework and will be uploaded publicly on YouTube to achieve the aim for my social media plan.

Focus your discussion on a close exploration new two or three episodes in the play. Moving onto filming the scene with me wearing the superhero costume, I quickly had a shave and went for a haircut, so then that makes the look for the superhero in the advert different from the depressed guy.

Notify me of new comments via email. Their presence on Twitter is not as great as their competitors who have more followers than Yazoo.