ChemActivity 23 The Dipole Moment Use equation 2 to calculate the partial charge on Br in HBr. Thus, the two electrons in the atom must have opposite spins—one “up” and one “down”—which cancel each other out and provide no overall magnetic moment. Imagine the following hypothetical system. Let us now predict what the photoelectron spectrum of Ne will look like, based on our current model of the Ne atom.

For each mixture, tell whether it is homogeneous or heterogeneous; then list two or more components of the mixture. Critical Thinking Questions 2. In NaCl, what are the charges on the ions? The resolution of this apparent inconsistency is that although He has only 2 valence electrons, its valence shell is completely filled. Draw a large X through each incorrect conversion factor below.

What condition s must be satisfied for a molecular collision to result in a chemical reaction? First Ionization Energy IE1. Atoms of a single element can exist as individual atoms e.

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Mixtures that have the same composition throughout are called homogeneous e. What happens to reactant molecules that have less energy than the energy of the transition state?

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

The Elephant and the Methane Molecule One elephant has one trunk and four legs. What is the largest shell n in lead that contains electrons? Circle the constant that is needed to perform this calculation: Using a periodic table, identify the elements represented in each formula, and state the number of atoms of each element in the formula.


Excluding the inert gases, which element in the periodic table has the largest electronegativity? You may wish to consider the following boiling points of various molecules in your analysis: Two representations of the Be atom are given in Figure 2.

There are many written materials available on-line to help instructors use these activities effectively. Considering Model 2, how does the pressure of a gas change when the temperature is doubled at constant volume?

Is the energy of a photon proportional or inversely proportional to!? How many valence electrons are in the C6H12O6 molecule? Use algebra to rearrange the equation from CTQ 12 so that all the variables are in the numerator. If all products are electrolytes, no reaction occurs, and you may stop here; write NR.

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

Read the assigned pages in your textbook, and work the assigned problems. Explain why the Li first ionization energy is lower.

chemactivity 23 critical thinking questions

Why would it be inappropriate to draw a Lewis structure such as in Model 5 for this compound? How is the number of bonding domains on a given atom within a molecule such as those in Table 1 determined?

Classify each of the following bonds as nonpolar, polar, or ionic. Name the first element, using a prefix to indicate the number of atoms in the formula. Fill in the table with the properties for each compound. Write the Lewis structure for H2O.


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Perform the calculation, showing all work and units. How many electron domains does the oxygen atom have in H2O?

How many hydrogen atoms are found in one-half mole of methane molecules? In addition, Albert Einstein proposed almost a century ago that electromagnetic radiation can be viewed as a stream of particles known as photons, each of which has a particular amount of energy associated questios it. Complete ChemWorksheet 2, Gases: Theelements with AVEEs in the range of 1. Table 1 below presents the experimentally measured ionization energies of the first 20 elements.

The kinetic energy of the electrons is measured in a photoelectron spectrometer. Recall that the negative charge on the electron is the same magnitude as the positive charge on each proton.