What does the RN do if the radiation implant becomes dislodged and you can see it? It is administered in the lowest effective dosage for the shortest time necessary. Increased metabolism causes increased oxygen needs that cannot be met. Which agents should be included in these instructions? Fluid and electrolyte balance.

Remain with the client for the first 15 min of the infusion. Click on “Check Answers” and it will score your test and correct your answers. Referred pain is felt in a part of the body separate from the source of pain, such as with a myocardial infarction, in which pain may be referred to the jaw, left arm, and left shoulder. A client is undergoing a left modified radical mastectomy for breast cancer. How should the nurse dispose of the breakfast tray of a patient who requires airborne isolation? Bone marrow depression is also a toxic effect. A nurse assigned to care for a 4-week-old infant who is scheduled for a pyloromyotomy.

A soft toothbrush is used for oral care. Elbridge how to insert his new hearing aid. The client is vomiting blood mixed with food after a meal.

RN Adult Medical Surgical Online Practice 2016 B

Options 1, 2 and 3 are incorrect. The client has begun medication therapy with pancrelipase Pancrease MT.

cervical cancer evolve case study quizlet

Therefore, which acid-base imbalance will they have? The same medication at low doses may produce a sedative or calming effect but at higher doses may produce a hypnotic sleep-inducing effect. A client diagnosed with leukemia asks the nurse why he must undergo bone marrow aspiration. A nurse is conducting an admission history for a client who is to undergo a CT scan with an IV contrast agent.


Improved bone integrity 4. When you want to take a test Giving all clients antibiotics is impractical and is a source of new superinfections when persons cervica, do not need antibiotics are given them and then the bacteria mutate to become resistant to older drugs.

cervical cancer evolve case study quizlet

A ventilation-perfusion scan has two parts. A nurse is caring for a client 1 hr following a cardiac catheterization. An improvement of the weakness 4. PIH pregenancy induced hypertension 3. The wound is a deep partial-thickness burn, and will take more than three weeks to heal.

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The patient will begin to perform range-of-motion exercises stuvy five days. The client should avoid smoking and drinking alcohol while on heparin therapy. Which patient teaching would be most therapeutic for someone with sleep disturbance? Aldactone, a potassium sparing diuretic, is very weak in comparison to loop diuretics.

Sign most important predictor for is age. Which of the following findings is an adverse effect of this medication?

cervical cancer evolve case study quizlet

Which of the following client statements indicates an understanding of cervlcal teaching? A 51 year old woman with a dx of breast cancer has been scheduled for a unilateral mastectomy. Which response by the nurse is appropriate? An enzyme such as Elase is applied in a thin layer directly to the wound and covered with one layer of fine mesh gauze.


Loperamide also can be used to reduce the volume of drainage from an ileostomy. The nurse plans to monitor for the common side effects of the medication and includes which of the following in the plan of care?

A nurse is caring for a client who has type 1 diabetes mellitus and has had acute bronchitis for the past 3 days.

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The nurse monitors the fluid status of an older patient receiving IV fluids following surgery. Exercise their children daily. When the client is eovlve this drug, the results should be 1. A home health nurse is assigned to a client who was recently discharged from a rehabilitation center after experiencing a right-hemispheric cerebrovascular accident CVA. Those alternative remedies, even for competitive cancers analyze more right here!