The idea was same as Paul Romano — generate leads using a lead magnet and then move on for the sale. By reviewing the above case studies, it is evident that the success of Facebook Ads lies in multiple things. If your ad looks like a traditional ad, there is a high chance that they will ignore it. Specifically, implementing retargeting on the website helped them lower their CPC and improve their conversions. Lessons Learned 35 — Facebook Ads can be used for any objective — even if its finding or increasing new subscribers for your blog. Lesson Learned 38 — Create multiple funnels and objectives from different ad sets and landing pages.

View the Facebook from the standpoint of a potential subscriber. People browse Facebook for casual fun, catching up with friends and family — but not to being sold. They spent a little more on the video ads, but have 18X more engagement and were 3. Veeroll has the lowest CPC and conversion from retargeted ads. Lesson Learned 36 — Keep your ads as personal as possible. Furthermore, just to give you an example of creating a Killer Facebook Ad, see this the ad buffer created for the Page Likes campaign. Although, he was at a loss at this campaign some valuable lessons learned.

Lesson Learned 4 — No matter how complex, unique or new business model type of business you have, Facebook Ads can still work for you. This was far less than the industry standard in health and wellness.

As we saw from earlier case studies, narrowing down on your target audience is much more beneficial than broadening it. This is a classical example of how to best leverage Facebook Ads. Such as mobile users were engaging far more than desktop users in this case so apparently it makes sense to pour more budget here.

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Lesson Learned 5 — Tuc,erman-sawyer the magnetic power of retargeting to bring back customers that already have shown interest in your products. By reviewing the above case studies, it is evident that the success of Facebook Ads lies in multiple things. From the people that clicked on from his Facebook Adsalmost clicked on to the affiliate link. The idea was to build an email list via Facebook Ads and later show them ads for Free Webinar that will lead to the program she wants to sell.


It also shows how businesses can gain adveryising results by using video ads and continually optimizing the campaign to improve performance. Check out our free targeting training here. It might sound a lot of work but gains are immense, and you can use it over and over again. So when he showed the sales ads to his existing audience, a high relevance score for imminent as these people already knew him.

So there you have it — an in-depth review of the best handpicked Facebook Ads Case studies from nearly all types of businesses with variable objectives. So as seen, changing and testing around with your targeting can give you better results than standard targeting.

The Ultimate List of Facebook Ads Case Studies (+ 38 lessons you can’t ignore)

Typically existing subscribers are considered a gold mine to be reaped over and over but Brian proved that you can still succeed with Facebook Ads if you just get you targeting right. So this shows that bringing quality traffic certainly works in your favor.

We have often seen our customers using Facebook Ads for promoting affiliate offers, but they seem to struggle in creating an effective strategy. Since they already know about your product, take them straight to your money page.

He in an active user of most advertising platforms and this is what he found as the cost to reach people using popular advertising channels.

case study tuckerman-sawyer advertising

Lesson Learned 22 — Facebook ads provide narrower targeting which helps you to laser in on your ideal audience. This is particularly helpful if you want to convert your blog subscribers into warm leads or paying customers. Setting up the correct targeting is one of the essential parts of your campaign. Lesson Learned tucckerman-sawyer — Sometimes the simplest of thing are most effective. It is essential that you keep on monitoring and optimizing your campaign- especially at the start.


It is best to use Facebook to drive them to opt-in to your lead magnet before pushing them your product. This case study is another classical example that Facebook stury be effectively used to generate leads for B2B businesses. Google Adwords in arguably the most used platform when cqse comes to online advertising. This goes to show you that how cost effective leads from Facebook can turn out to be when compared with other options.

The Ultimate List of Facebook Ads Case Studies (+ 38 lessons you can’t ignore) – Connectio

Tyckerman-sawyer multi-step Facebook Ad Strategy builds up a connection with your targeted audience before going for the sale. So they implemented a retargeting campaign on the sales page visitors which accounted for 17 of the 30 new customers.

case study tuckerman-sawyer advertising

And later, for all those that tuckerman-swyer in, Paul would show a different ad set that directly takes them to the sale page. But at such stage, most businesses give up rather than realizing their mistakes and optimizing their campaign accordingly.

When they run the ads, they performed well, but most of the people that were engaging with it were not the actual audience perceived. For startup businesses and bloggers, getting new subscribers for their blog is often challenging.