We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. So that the companies can operate in a sustainable and just way, which is also financially viable. Page 1 of 5. New method to solve CSR problems are needed. After several audits Nike reported that a large percentage of their overseas factories have their employees working in terrible environments for low pay and in unsanitary health conditions. How about make it original?

The operation council of the Global Alliance after detailed audit, has commended Nike for the processes introduced, not only in its own operations and among its subcontractors, but also in the rest of the industry. Collapse in April of Rana building in Bangladesh, which housed a number of garment units, who were sub contractors to leading MNCs Multinational corporations collapsed, killing over a 1, people — mostly women and injuring seriously a few hundreds, keep happening. This will help Nike continue going forwards. In a word ,environment, profit and human should be balanced. Stakeholders are person with an interest or concern in business. Just changing rules and regulation at the factory’s plants is not enough, companies also have to engage in Leadership and by this I don’t mean the traditional Leadership which involved leading people towards goal of the employer.

Nike’s CSR Challenge | Case Study

This case talks crs CSR challenges that Nike are facing. However,Nike devotes itself to making a new strategy. Nike needs to reach out to wider issues of trade flows, governance, and media otherwise all their changes may stuey make a difference as they optimistically hope. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails. One of the popular known brands Nike, who manufacture sports and clothing, has more than 50, workers produces shoes through subcontractors. What parties are involved?


Why CSR is more important than ever http: In referring to the opening profile and the closing case for this chapter, discuss the challenges regarding corporate social responsibility that companies in the apparel industry face in its supply chains around the world? Only available on AllBestEssays. Discuss the meaning and implications of the statement by a Nike representative that “consumers are not rewarding us for investments in improved social performance in supply chains.

Leadership was traditionally seen as guiding employees towards the goal of the company. It means people who can see across borders created by others,such as the borders of their jobs,and reach across such borders to engage others in dialogue and action to address systemic problems.

Nike’s CSR challenge Essay Example for Free – Sample words

How about make it original? Real life example could be Gandhi, who has given hopes, whose life and personality was enhanced in the process. The challenges are too reshape the signals being given out by its supply chains group to itself and its competitors.

Who are the stakeholders? How to cite this page Choose cite format: The fact is not only Nike ,but also other industries are facing these challenges.

It said that staffs and employees work in a poor environment. Nike come out a new realization. People, environment and profit should be balanced. It is a based of culture on corporation not competition with not just humans, but also everything that stucy on the planet including other animals and resources.

Transcendent leadership offers us a metaphor to help Nike move nikee closely to a world where human talents and energies will be maximized for the betterment of al — personally, organizationally, and globally Gardiner, Czse should engage in transcending leadership and get in a dialogue, action to address systemic problems and resolved them, or engage people on collective goals.


Besides, leadership is also a challenge for Nike and other industries. Read Full Essay Save. The company understands now that the strategic shift for Nike’s Management can not only been seen as a close system.

They believe that good society will bring good profitability and thus it would contribute to sustainability, Nike managed to create chwllenge green life cycle, were Nike has managed to eliminate waste in production and harmful substances, and ensure that all their products are recyclable and re-usable.

case study nikes csr challenge

So that the companies can operate in a sustainable and just way, which is also financially viable. All of this can lead to the problems we can see in this case.

What parties are involved? EnvironmentNike Inc. Therefore, companies who concerns about compliance have to either reduce their profit margin or lose in market share if they charge extra for improved social performance.

case study nikes csr challenge

Click to learn more https: For example, leaders in the apparel industry would attempt to extend their influence beyond the company borders in order to deal with the CSR issues.