As compared to the programs of study initiative, in which a department or college seeks to enhance learning outcomes in an entire major or concentration, INtopFORM fellowships will support projects by individual faculty members. Table 7 presents the membership of the team. Analysis and interpretation are used to closely examine ideas and to determine the significance of what a person is saying or what something means in a given context. The faculty development plan for INtopFORM will help faculty examine these abilities within their disciplines, and it will equip them with instructional resources and strategies. In reviewing the theme proposals, it was evident that all three represented powerful engines for driving improvements in student learning. Journal of Information Science, 36,

Team members agreed that it was time to present the plan to key campus stakeholders and seek their thoughts about a number of matters related to it. College Libraries and Student Culture: Sources and information used indicate persistence and resourcefulness in seeking information. Communications of the ACM, 49, They recognize their ethical obligations when seeking, using and communicating information. Questions examine diverse perspectives on the problem, task or topic.

Students locate or create information to accomplish their purposes. To assess enduring learning, ETSU also gives a similar test to a sample of seniors every three years see C.

California test of critical thinking skills

It will celebrate excellence and provide examples that students and others at ETSU can emulate. All programs of study must provide an overall rating for each learning outcome. Framework for 21st century learning. The Complete College Tennessee Act of charges all public institutions of higher education in the state with dramatically increasing the number of Tennesseans crifical post-secondary degrees.


california critical thinking skills test etsu

However, it also encourages participation by all members of the university. Cyber crime in the society: The writing team completed the draft in mid-August.

Académie du PLM

Every ETSU employee plays an essential falifornia in helping our students experience these benefits of an undergraduate education, criitcal whatever our role—faculty, staff or administrator—we are all educators.

Students recognize the responsibilities and consequences related to information ethics and intellectual property.

The university will advertise the position in April ; the start date will be approximately July 1, Throughout the development process the team actively sought ideas and guidance from the university community through online surveys, meetings with university governance bodies, interviews with campus leaders, eysu a day-long retreat sponsored by President Brian Noland.

The what and who of information literacy and critical thinking in higher education. International Journal of Information Management 19, Table 8 presents selected data from the most recent assessment, conducted in In addition, the chair of the QEP Development Team visited the staff senate, faculty senate, student government association, etsk deans council and sought their ideas concerning the plan. Throughout spring a team comprising outstanding faculty from across the institution, as well as representatives from Student Affairs, and undergraduate and graduate students, developed the plan by which ETSU would implement and assess INtopFORM.

INtopFORM Report

Educational Psychologist, 29, Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 33— The team also reviewed the QEPs at other institutions to learn about implementation and assessment strategies. As discussed in the next section of this document, feedback from faculty, staff, students, and alumni shows that the university community values information fluency, and institutional assessment data reveal a need and an opportunity for improvement.


Results from the interactive online research readiness self-assessment RRSA. Questions identify key issues to be resolved. It seeps through the walls topped by barbed wire, it wafts across the electrified borders.

ETSU will administer the test to a random sample of seniors each year. It will also create or acquire online instructional modules on selected INtopFORM skills which instructors can then require students to complete. A ticket to work…or a ticket out.

Nonetheless, the data indicate a compelling need to strengthen elements of information fluency—seeking, analyzing and displaying information. The student presents information completely. The director of Assessment and Teaching will assist faculty in designing the assessment and will ultimately approve the assessment protocol.

USING Inference Inference skills are used when offering conjectures, suggesting hypotheses and drawing conclusions from reasons skillss evidence. Individuals or groups submitted ideas via a Zoomerang survey which the committee discussed.

california critical thinking skills test etsu

Computers in Libraries, 26, Issue 5, pp. Successful Quality Enhancement Plans require enthusiastic participation by the entire university community. Students apply critical thinking skills in evaluating sources, information, and search processes.