Miss Africa beauty pageant occurs in the eventing 28 th December: Here at Carnivaland we believe that this carnival is one of the best, most colourful and exhilarating carnivals in the world. Africa the birth place of carnival! Hundreds of thousands line the streets to watch the parade and the atmosphere is electric. The governor also elaborated that the carnival could only get better by adding more activities to the carnival, hence the addition of the Bikers Day and Disco Fiesta. These however, set the platform for organizers to use historical and cultural themes each year to develop the event.

During slavery and colonization time, Africa was the home for many foreigners. These are the use of the performing arts employed to promote the Nigerian cultural festivals like dance, music, costumes and other decorations, tourism attractions and others, through the streets of Calabar and the issue of deprivation suffered by the people occasioned by restrictions of www. The Efik also displayed their Ekombi dance. According to the Carnival Calabar preview , 14 the bringing together of cultures stands out as a powerful symbol of Nigerian unity; showcasing ethnic customs and traditional dresses across the country. Carnival as used in this article refers to an interdisciplinary cultural festival presented in form of drama, music, dance and other cultural activities. It started in , when the governor of Cross River State , Mr Donald Duke , had a vision of making the state a hub for tourism and hospitality in Nigeria and Africa.

What is the history of carnival?

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If not, soon, you calabar join in the compdtition. However, many scholars see links between the pagan Carnical Saturnalia and Greek festivals with carnival; they regard carnival as an even more ancient agricultural rite connected with the theme of death and resurrection such as the spring festival in ancient Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

The governor also elaborated that the carnival could only get better by adding more activities to the carnival, hence compegition addition of the Bikers Day and Disco Fiesta.

Retrieved, February 9, The fact that the carnival, Calabar is performed in streets not in theatres, therefore, implies that actions and policies surrounding the event must be planned and implemented to create conducive atmosphere for both the Performing Arts and the carnival to thrive.


It is not also clear whether it is the culture of Nigeria, Cross River State or foreign nations that are promoted cometition it is not clear whether the people actually appreciate the Performing Arts as the same performing arts can be played out in times of protest against government and also to entertain; it is used to promote an unpopular government and it is also used to promote or suppress the rights of citizens.

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Calabar is actually the capital city of Cross River State. This festival has become esay most anticipated and talked about event attracting thousands of people from within Nigeria and beyond.

Liyel Imoke of Cross River Statewho said that it will hit an all-time high level. Now it has become a thorn in the flesh of many Nigerians. Hundreds of thousands line the streets to watch the parade and the caalabar is electric.

calabar carnival essay competition

The Essay Competition on the theme of the festival which is a literary aspect of the performing arts often carnivwl part of the carnival. Esu, in a personal communication with the researcher in opined that the carnival accounts for a large percentage of cultural promotion which is seen through the display of costumes, arts, music, historical sites etc. It has been described as the cultural mosaic of the Nigerian people and this feat has been attained as a result of the Performing Arts displayed and experienced during the carnival.

Other activities lined up for the year according to their work plan, include the second edition of Essay Writing Competition which will involve both secondary school and tertiary students, and this will commence in few weeks.

Calabar Carnival — The Pride of Nigeria! The parade takes place over a 12km parade route and it is quite a spectacle.

This article may require cleanup to meet Wikipedia’s quality standards. The carnival which begins every 1 December and lasts until 31 December has boosted the cultural mosaic of Nigeria people while entertaining millions of spectators within and outside the State, and boosting industry for all stakeholders.


Programmes of wssay event are drafted each year by the committee in charge of tourism and cultural activities in Cross River State of Nigeria. Views Read Edit View history.

Calabar International Festival

The Calabar Carnival has kept the same timetable of events since it first began. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. And we have partnered essay the best in the market to ensure even [URL]. Gionee has declared her readiness to fete Nigerian customers during the competotion Black Friday, promising freebies upon purchase of the newly launched X1s smartphone. The Calabar carnival [2] was a huge success with lots of performances and guest appearance by celebrities across Africa.

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Masta Blasta is the largest of all bands with well over ten thousands members from all corners of the world. The Calabar Carnival runs over the whole month December! Journal of Business Research The secondary caalbar tertiary with panel of judges drawn from tertiary institutions across the state. This is therefore, the reason why it is necessary to carry out some survey to find out how Nigerians living in Cross River State feel about the closure of roads and subsequent restrictions of movement during carnival performance along the streets.

Each year, a theme is fashioned out for the celebration. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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So sincewe have devoted our calabar to calabar reportage of essay and how they affect lives. This gives Calabar Carnival that extra magical feeling that you only feel once a year during Christmas.

Calabar Carnival — The pride of Nigeria!