The objective of marketing is to create value and costumers satisfaction while at the same time resulting in profits to the company. Date of business commencement December 20th, InterestNo interest paid on the initial contributions to the capital of the partnership. Grocery stores often offer non-perishable food that is packaged in cans, bottles and boxes, with some also having fresh produce, butchers, delis and bakeries. Any losses will be liableamong partner equally according Partnership Act It is to ensure our employees welfare will be protected and get the benefit. Delay The symbol is used when in- process material is restrained in a location waiting for next activity.

The bakery provides freshly prepared bakery and pastry product at all times duringthe operations. So , they might stole the banana from the plantation. We also would like to thank all the teammates on our hard works and the commitment thatwe have given in completing this business proposal. We pay the rental land for three years cash. Location of the business No. Since, every business have their own competitors.

Inventory Turnover 1 1 1 1 1 Times ent030 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3 Year Inventory turnover determines the number of times inventories have been converted into sales and indicates how liquid the inventory is.

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Thus, we see the potential for our product to penetrate into the market entt300 make the goal of our business gusiness reality. Thus, they are able to buy our products since the price is affordable. Work in time and expert in using Myob application.

This, will surely attract the customer to purchase Platanos Bananas. Owner Of The Business Ms. By this planning, all strategies and compilation canbe effectively identified that it can be solved in a short time without affecting the business.



This benefit was started in Employment Act and regulation. Read the Text Version. The location also near to our customer that can buy our product. So, people are easy to come and eventually will attract customer.

pln This business will not be dissolve if one of the partners is death but it will be dissolve if all partners are agreed to dissolve it. It is because it has highly demand because there are many brand of businesa and pastry that can caught attention of people from its uniqueness. The function of this partnership agreement is to avoid fraudulent and deception that might be happening during the operation of business and ensure the business run efficiently and effectively.

These were prepared so that the business can run smoothly and succeed. Measure the standard or quality products or services. Below are some of the main purposeof our business plan 1 Serve as a legal document that act as a guide bsuiness the owner, investors supplier rs, customers, and our business partner.

Laloh, Kuala Krai, Kelantan.

business plan ent300

Thus, decreasing the production of banana. Date of Business CommencementOur business will begin to operate on Comparison Price of Tanduk Banana: Name of the Business Fariyus Enterprise. Fairos binti Mohd Fakri 1. Operating in an ebt300 concept store, we ensure excellence and quality in the products we serve.

Any additional pay is to follow current profit and will be present in the end of annualfinancial report. It reveals how much profit a company earned in comparison to the total amount of shareholder equity found on the balance sheet.


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Responsible in administration activities plaan arrange the entire personnel administration plan. We expected the number of the potential buyer will increase over year. Small tarts and other sweet baked products are called pastries This word refer to the started or our business This word refer to the things that we used to make bakery and pastry 32 P a g e 2.

Thus, the graph show that our business is in a good position since the quick ratios is high.

business plan ent300

Operational manager is responsible to ensure the qualities and the quantities of organic bananas. In addition, we also planning to expend our wings by opening severalbranches around Penincular Malaysia such as Melacca, Negeri Sembilan.

business plan ent300

Each partner can withdraw the credit balance in their income account. By preparing this business plan, we hope it will give spirit and encouragement to bsiness and others who are interested in opening a business especially in plantation business.

The graph show that Platanos Enterprise is thought to control cost because the percentage is high, the more the company retains on each Rm1 sales to service its other cost and obligations.