Tuition on the BPhil is through a combination of classes, one-to-one supervisions and independent research. Digital theses and ORA: I shall first briefly outline the BPhil course in which this class is a part of, before moving on to a more general and abstract discussion about what I see myself to be doing when I teach philosophy. In the following, I shall leave seminar discussions aside for the next section, and focus on the feedback that I give to my students for their work. The centre also contains the Philosophy Library, with over 25, volumes, a collection of approximately 80 periodicals, online access to many philosophical databases, and librarians trained in the specific bibliographic needs of philosophers.

Furthermore, the subject matters that philosophy deals with and are taught in philosophy courses just are the products of countless hours of philosophizing by generations of philosophers. Some dissertations and theses are held for the following courses: Copyright Please note that all those who consult an Oxford thesis are required to sign a declaration recognising that the copyright of the thesis rests with the author and that no quotation from it or information derived from it may be published without the prior consent of the author. Raz, The Morality of Freedom, Ch. Another thing that I am planning to do next time when I teach this class again is to basically sit down with the students at the beginning of the first seminar, explain to them the issue mentioned above, and see how they would like their own legal philosophy class to be framed and designed. It is to learn to engage with the subject matter at the higher levels in the cognitive domain — not just applying, but also analysing, synthesising, evaluating and creating.

The vast majority of BPhil in Philosophy graduates progress to doctoral programmes, either at the faculty itself or elsewhere. However, if you have been out of education for a long time, or thesix you have substantial relevant working experience, then a maximum of oxfors professional reference may replace an academic reference provided that it speaks to your ability to undertake philosophy studies at graduate level.


For more information about course fees and fee liability, please see the Fees section of this website. Applications for the one-year MSt in Philosophy are considered by the Philosophy Graduate Studies Committee yhesis in exceptional circumstances and students are rarely admitted to this course. Your responses are anonymous and will be used to make improvements to the course in future years.

Each year there is an Oxford Graduate Philosophy Conference, in which most gphil philosophy students participate in some way. In promoting productive class discussions, I would rate this instructor: These are kept in the Theses and Dissertations section of the library, next to the periodicals.

All essays should be recent and not of a primarily expository nature. Seminar Presentations As one can see from my reading list for this class appendix Afor each seminar, I set around three readings in the topic under consideration that students are thfsis to have read before coming to the seminar. Regulations relating to academic dress. Expected length of course 21 months Residence requirements Number of places available c.

Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4. If he maintains a similar course structure in future, I would perhaps suggest renaming the course Introduction to Jurisprudence or Introduction to Philosophy of Law.

Oxfrd who achieve a distinction are automatically eligible for progression to the Bohil, provided only that the Philosophy Graduate Studies Committee is satisfied that their proposed thesis topic and outline indicate that they can be adequately supervised by members of the Faculty of Philosophy.

The entry requirements for the MSt are the same as for the BPhil. If, for exceptional reasons, additional time is needed you may apply for an additional one month by submitting a copy of form GSO.

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At various points in the dialectic where there is room for further philosophical inquiry, I also highlight them by inserting a question and inviting students to reflect and discuss more about them later on in the seminar.

Kramer and Steiner, for example, argue that the entire debate is solely about claim-rights. They will thesia to argue on evaluative grounds why rights are best understood from a Kantian perspective of autonomy, or why oxfogd necessarily have to further the interests of their holders.


Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Criminologythe course name e. Applications come from all over the world and intake on the BPhil reflects this.

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It would be nice to hear what you think of all this, so that I can make up my mind whether I want to further pursue the topic. Phils in Social Anthropology.

There is an ongoing project to convert earlier, B. The fact that it does fail in such a way is therefore neither here nor there when it comes to whether the conceptual analysis in question is morally neutral or not. Take for example the justification of punishment in legal philosophy. The faculty aims to assist students and graduates in securing academic jobs.

bphil thesis oxford

In exceptional circumstances the Proctors may permit a viva to be held earlier but this is not guaranteed. Readers must sign their name on the form in the front of most Oxford University theses they consult, or leave their name and address at the issue desk.

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Users of your thesis will be made aware of the rights of the author and the use that they are permitted to make of the thesis. The main body of your thesis should be in double spacing with quotations and footnotes in single spacing.

On reflection, I think I should have also sent the forms to the more irregular tyesis of the class, for they might bring in a different perspective from the more regular ones. What I aim to do in the presentations is not merely to list out clearly and concisely what someone has argued for and his arguments for it.