How shall welldivided property re-arise in those fields of economic effort where the small unit can in the nature of modern things have no place? More about Hilaire Belloc. The larger unit can borrow more easily in proportion than the smaller. The family does not possess that freedom which is necessary for its full moral health and that of the State of which it is the unit. It is too late to reinfuse it by design, and our effort must everywhere be particular, local, and, in its origins at least, small.

Belloc is neither capitalistic nor socialistic in ideology, but instead he advocates distributism, a system in which the State fosters small business at the expense of big business, where enough citizens retain property in society such that they make up the character of that society—ultimately, a system where absolute free enterprise is restricted of the few who would otherwise dominate for the sake of preserving freedom for the many. Published October 1st by Ihs Press first published January 1st Soon no one of them may be suffering either hunger or cold or lack of any plain material necessity consonant to the type of Hilaire Belloc 35 civilization in which they live. I say it is all-important to distinguish between the two kinds of tendency: The first is, under present English conditions, a much more promising opportunity than the second.

I have compared the restoration of property in a society such as ours, where it has been ruined, to the re-afforestation of land.

belloc an essay on the restoration of property

You could not undo even a part of it without a crash — even if you had despotic power; and to hope to do so without despotic power is plainly chimerical. Now the mass om small English yeomen had no such documents to show. It will simply prompt an uprising by the monied interests, who will use all the means at their disposal to bring the government back under their control; plus, it simply will pf take root among a citizenry indisposed to take on the responsibilities of real property-ownership.


They have become wage slaves.

If it were quite impossible of achievement it would not be worthwhile wasting breath or ink upon. The family must have not only power to complain against arbitrary control external to it, but power to make its complaint effective. Either we restore property or we restore slavery, to which we have already gone more than halfway in our industrialized society.

The only good lost to the masses, if it be a good, is freedom. Introduction 13 At first hearing, the notion is almost incomprehensible!

If you approach a most difficult task under the illusion or the pretence that it is less difficult you may strengthen your supporters by the drug of illusion but you weaken them much more by persuading them to work in the void.

We must penalize amalgamation and support division of units. They are not the people. We propose to re-establish the peasant, the craftsman and the small and secure retail tradesman.

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During the Middle Ages it was the universal rule. Let that machine and the festoration forces be under the control of one man. But such an ideal is inhuman and, therefore, not to be fixedly attained, because man is a social animal. This has always seemed to destoration great folly. Littlejohn rated it really liked it. What I certainly know is that failing such a change, our industrial society must necessarily end in the restoration of slavery.

An Essay on the Restoration of Property

This is the simple ideal of society to which we, in modern England, are advancing with great rapidity; indeed we have almost reached it. Hilaire Belloc 67 2. But the point is that they did not give their tone to the State. The main body of citizens, the Proletariat, are not sufficiently clothed, housed and fed, and even their insufficient supply is unstable.

He does not command, say, ten times the credit of a rival with Hilaire Belloc 47 a tenth of his business; he commands twenty or thirty times the amount and on easier terms.


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To see how true this is, consider what the effect actually is of choice exercised before our eyes in the modern world and what the effect would be if the use of choice were widely extended. Whether there remains today in England a desire for economic freedom that is, for property sufficient to nourish the beginnings of a change, nothing but experiment can decide.

Let there be no tax on turnover up to a certain sufficiently high level, then let it begin and grow steeply until it becomes prohibitive. Enjoyable but extremely idealistic.

It now could be decentralized through the widely distributed use of electrical power.

belloc an essay on the restoration of property

We all know this phenomenon with Wal-mart; the bigger organization sells at a loss for a while in order to drive the smaller competition out of business.

It was largely by 52 The Restoration of Property judicial decisions, rather than by direct legislation, that the waste lands, the minerals, forests, commons and the rest, were stolen from the monarchy in the past, and handed over to its wealthier subjects.

On the contrary, such a society of free owners is the opposite of Capitalism as the word is here used. This field of the large unit has tended to become larger and eesay in the last lifetime and is still expanding.

Capitalism arose only after the safeguards guaranteeing well-distributed private property had been deliberately broken down by an evil will insufficiently resisted.

belloc an essay on the restoration of property