The festival includes every local group in Aklan with a unique tribal tradition, various civic or commercial organizations and individuals that create new costumes every year. Previously is was in Aklan but now it become an Self-governing State, Boracay islands have famous while Beach. They danced and sang in gratefulness for the helping hand. As inter-island boats dock, they are greeted by pseudo-New Guinea tribal drummers. It is held on the last Sunday. The steady beat of drums can sometimes be heard late in the night as a single drummer is suddenly inspired to pick up the rhythm.

The price agreed upon was a solid gold hat and a basin. Describe a custom from your country that you would like people from other countries to adopt. Some time later, the Ati people were struggling with famine as the result of a bad harvest. The Ati-atihan festival, the mother of all festivals in the Philippines, the origin of pinoy festivities. Everybody gets to join in! Ati Atihan Festival Schedule

The beating of bass drums and the rhythmic tinkling of metal and stone on bottles echo in the air during the celebration.

ati atihan festival essay

Nowadays it is a mix of parades, procession and dancing people on the beat of monotonous music of drums or the rhythmic tinkling of metal and stone on bottles. Retrieved from ” https: As the festivities are going on, be cautious of your personal belongings as cases of pickpockets and occasional brawls abound due to the rush of people from other eszay coming to also celebrate.

And just as the Ati-Atihan is an outward display of revelry and adoration, the devotee is in search of something which is missing from within. Nino, the Ati-atihan festival is very lively, colorful and it is a week long fiesta! The beat goes on and frenzy builds up in the noonday heat as sweat and brew eats up the senses. Philippine Have 17 Festivals Each for 17 Municipalities. The key activity of the festival and festval of the main reasons tourists gather to the island is the native dance competitions pitched to rhythmic and mesmerizing drumbeats that run nonstop for several days.


Ati-atihan Festival and History – Filipino Culture by The Pinoy Warrior

Years later, the Spanish Christians, having converted much of the country, persuaded the inhabitants to darken their skin, wear warlike clothing, and pretend they were Ati to frighten away the Muslims. Even the Ati-Atihan festival slowly turned into a religious festival dedicated for Child Jesus.

Newer Post Older Post Home. In regards to attention given to aboriginal people, what are the similarities between the Ati-atihan festival in the Philippines and Mardi-Gras in New Orleans. A real friendship was born and the Maraynon started to paint their faces black in honor of the Atis and took part in the fiesta.

For years it has regularly attracted not only devotees but revelers and foreign tourist from all parts of the world.

The Ati-Atihan, held every January in the town of Kalibo in the stihan of Aklan on the island of Panay, is the wildest among Philippine. Since the Churches officially adopted Ati Atihan Festival, novenas and masses become the essential ingredient of the ceremony. They converge on the main streets and around the town plaza and, to the beat of drums, shout “Hala Bira” ‘Go on and fight!

Almost Eighty Groups of Tribes compete eagerly with each other as there is one Million Philippine peso Prize is for the winner group. Group criticizes gov’t festoval shutting down cellphone signals during events.

Magellan had no sooner landed in Homonhon, when people from nearby Suluan presented him a jarful of what Pigafetta recorded as uraca–that is, arak, the Malay-Arabic word for distilled liquor. There the resident Ati people gave them land. A picture is truly worth a words. The steady beat of drums can sometimes be heard late in the night as a single drummer is suddenly inspired to pick up the rhythm.


ati atihan festival essay

The celebrants’ dreams are reinforced by rosaries and sti which absolve them from their sins and resurrect them as new persons, maybe with a hangover, but definitely saved again. References in periodicals archive?

He is the direct link to the Father, the God of all, the Redeemer from infamy, the Absolver of all sins, the Deliverer to a better life.

ati atihan festival essay

Drinking is done in small groups or in “gatherings where men as well as women sat on opposite sides of the room, and any passerby was welcome to join in. They fill the streets of Kalibo, Aklan, they sound up the drums and it is only once a year. Ati-Atihan means “to make like Atis. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Coinciding with the Ati-atihan of old, it became a combined celebration. Dancing troupes, some numbering 40 or 50 children or teenagers, dance for local prestige and cash prizes.

The dancing on the rhythms of the drums makes this festival very similar to qtihan Mardi Gras celebration in Rio in Brazil. Previously is was in Aklan but now it become an Self-governing State, Boracay islands have famous while Beach.