They buy in showrooms, value high performance and service, and also style is an important selection determinant. Following the description of the above customer categories is a discussion of the behavior of plumbers, which is essential to understand the true nature of the market. Such consumers are a great target for sales of additional products like shower accessories , which could follow due to the innovative, advanced and limitless shower technology. Thus, it is suggested that Squalid maintains its current price for Quartz and use the above value proposition in targeting customers to show then benefits gained. So, what are the issues that Rawlins faces?

As such, the ease of installation makes it attractive for the most novice customer. They can get better product for their money and will experience less problems with their shower than before. E DID stores, the property developers and the showrooms. But, within this Individual customer category there are sub-segments based on varying needs. Value Customers, Standard Customers and Premium Customers ere property developers who form an entirely different category are quite price- sensitive with the exception of a few luxury developers.

Therefore, the awareness of the brand and the product will increase. Percentage of total units sold per type of shower in year source: Even with discount, they did not sell well, and the company was also Aqualisa Quartz: Click to learn more https: Hence, they would familiarize themselves with a product brand. Masco company was especially powerful in the power showers segment, where they have more sales than Aqualisa.

Market Segments based on Price v. In addition, no bulky boxes translate into better look and style.


Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2

This also includes a category of customers called DID, consisting mainly of landlords and apartment dwellers — who install and sipmly their own showers. Hence, it is suggested that Squalid concentrates more on exploiting these three channels for the next six months I. Three main shower types were offered on the market: They can get better product for their money and will experience less problems with their shower than before. We’ll occasionally send you account related and promo emails.

As noted in the case, the Quartz shower already gained popularity in the segment, especially because of the working whower, where its advantages were immediately noticed and loved by the consumers.

Quartz has become the leading product of the showrooms, where it has gone on display. On the downside, the time-gap between the time when they sold and installed showers and the time when it would reach consumers could be big. Also, they do not rely on the individual plumbers while making purchase decisions.

If you contact aqqualisa after hours, we’ll get back to you in 24 hours or less.

Aqualisa Quartz Simply a Better Shower Strategic Marketing Case 2 – ppt video online download

We use brtter to give you the best experience possible. They are quite loyal to the brand that they have chosen and are apprehensive of any product innovations.

Squalid needs to develop an effective positioning strategy for Quartz, so that it does not cannibalize their existing products analyss also gains substantial entry into the market at the same time.


About project SlidePlayer Terms of Service. Your Answer is very helpful for Us Thank you a lot! The cost of manufacturing Quartz is higher than that of Quavered — hence the higher retail price. Masfiqur Rahman Surovi Alam Group 6.

aqualisa quartz simply a better shower case study analysis

We will write a custom sample essay on Aqualisa Quartz: Registration Forgot your password? They focus on product availability and not technical advice.

aqualisa quartz simply a better shower case study analysis

Welcome to the world of case studies that can bring you high grades! They are looking for reliable, nice-looking products that could work in multiple settings.

Aqualisa Quartz: Simply A Better Shower Essay Example for Free – Sample words

Although they are not the end consumer, their role will be significant for Squalid when creating an effective marketing strategy. What is a product? Analysus Quartz Case, Exhibit 6, page They are primarily concerned with convenience and price, avoid solutions which require any excavation and tend to rely on independent plumber to select a product for them.

Furthermore, if we look at the comparison of the economic value between Quartz shower with pump Quartz Pumped Premium and Aquavalve standard mixer shower with supplemental booster pump Aquaforce 1.

aqualisa quartz simply a better shower case study analysis

The company was recognised as having top quality showers, a premium brand, and great service.