Utilization of teledentistry as a tool to screen for dental caries among year-old school children in a rural region of India. Information Technology and Telemedicine-Commentary. Challenges to the Implementation of Telemedicine. Isr Med Assoc J ;7: Role in prosthodontics Ignatius E et al.

A systematic review of cost effectiveness studies of telemedicine interventions by Whitten PS et al. This article also reviews the ethical and legal issues related to the practice of teledentistry and the future of this alternative and innovative method of delivering dental care. The results achieved so far are very encouraging, setting the road signs for future investigations. A solution to this issue has to be found immediately. Another important aspect that requires light is the payment of the healthcare professionals who provide teleconsultation.

Apart from these federal and state programs, commercial or private insurances are also available, litwrature example, Blue Cross of California.

Dontula2 and R. Telemedicine in rural India. Telemedicine could conceivably be one way to improve access to specialist oral surgery care.


Only 1 patient made the return-trip for a follow-up procedure. Evaluation of telemedicine in the management of dentogenous infections.

Applications of teledentistry: A literature review and update

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applications of teledentistry a literature review and update

With all the technological developments taking place in the field of teledentistry, practitioners may eventually link up to virtual dental health clinics and an entirely new era of dentistry can be created.

History of Nuclear Energy Production.

Applications of teledentistry: A literature review and update

Teledentistry a new liyerature in oral health. Stephens CD, Cook J. How to cite this URL: Implications for hospitals and physicians already have received extensive media attention, but comparatively little has been said about the impact of information technology on dentistry.

Am J Orthod Dentofac Orthop. Taking into account the huge strides in the field of information and communication technology, teledentistry can help to bring specialized healthcare to the remotest corners of the world.


Medical Informatics in a United and Healthy Europe The field of dentistry has seen upfate technologic innovations in recent years. E-mail-based oral medicine consultation. Are You A Publisher?

Applications of teledentistry: A literature review and update.

Structured review of the literature on periodontal Hong Kong Dent J. J Am Dent Assoc.

applications of teledentistry a literature review and update

An Overview of Nuclear Power Plants. J oral res rev ;7: J Med Internet Res. Role in oral and maxillofacial litertaure Duka M et al. Advances in digital communication, telecommunication, and the Internet introduce an unprecedented opportunity to remote access to medical care.