How is a sign that someone isn’t used to figuring things out for him- or herself. Or if you would rather just complain that other people get all of the good jobs… This cover letter gets to the point, and shows deep understanding of what a customer support role is. Though seeking online work might be because you want to spend more time with your family or have a more flexible work schedule — this is personal info you don’t have to fork over. You can view the full cover letter at the following link. Shaun Hildner Video Producer was quick to shoot an email to Jason after seeing him tweet that 37signals was looking for a video producer. It also means that you really have to tailor your tone to the company.

The phone screen is what gets you in the door. Copying these cover letters will not be effective for you. I have very low expectations when I get a generic coverletter. Jason G on 01 Jun But we don’t have any openings.

People tend to want to hire people who want to do the job. They want to hear that you cover or exceed the resumes for the job. I have very low expectations when I get a generic coverletter.

37signals resume cover letter – Resumes and Cover Letters

I never quite found the appropriately versatile pair of shoes, however. We look for all kinds 37siggnals people.


Ryan Singer Designer, Product Manager was one of a few designer candidates that Jason picked in for a chance to join 37signals to work on client projects. She outlines why her past experience makes her a great fit letfer the job, and her personal habits that will ensure her success in the role.

I think we need a way for IT professionals to demonstrate useful differentiation.

37signals resume cover letter

The full letter can be found here. A resume or cover letter will not do it alone. Working remotely seemed like the best way to do that.

Forget the resume, kill on the cover letter | Hacker News

And “literally” has been used in ways you would consider “wrong” for several hundred years now. Satisfaction guarantee We guarantee you will be completely satisfied Cover letters An important component of your presentation It is a professional introduction designed to work with and augment your resume. I guess I’m a stickler because I think words work better when they have strong, precise meanings. The cover letter is for some employers, more important than the resume.

Skyler Taylor on 24 Jan I’ve done a fair amount of job interviews and cover letters are always stripped by our internal recruiters. It is the most flexible outfit.

Are they a fit with culture at your company? A good cover letter does tell me if the individual is can at least communicate in writing. About David Creator of Ruby on Rails, partner at 37signals, best-selling author, public speaker, race-car driver, hobbyist photographer, and family man.


37signals resume cover letter

It’s an indulgence we’ve never allowed ourselves. Bruce McTigue on 01 Jun Wait, why am I talking about hiring?

37signals resume cover letter

God I wish I felt like I qualified for that position. SW Manager on 01 Jun Web Designer And tell them why you find dover an admirable company and one that you want to work for.

That’s what interviews and references are for. That’s just how it goes.

Forget the resume, kill on the cover letter

Over time, these meanings tend to get watered down, and I think that’s a shame. Bjoern on 01 Jun This cover letter for a sales lettre position is closer to a traditional cover letter than the other examples. It is rude, but this happens a lot, especially at smaller startups.

Andy Kant on 01 Jun Getting a job isn’t about doing all the right things, but doing the least amount of wrong things. Sign up below to try it for free today.

37signals resume cover letter

Do you have a portfolio?