Establish what is meant by? Q2 Firms pricing and output decisions depend on barriers to entry and the behavior of competitors a Explain why barriers to entry are a key determinant in firms pricing decisions. The UK energy market is also hindered by the fact that it is operating in the midst of Europe? Depends on governments to overcome the costs of globalisation. Good answers should examine the limitations of the measures used and show some knowledge of government failure as well. Evaluate that this is not the reason:

We know it cuts into current living standards. For small and open economies, the weak multiplier is a more important consideration than the crowding out effect in deciding not to rely on FP and other DD-management tools like exchange rate policy. Trade is also not a zero sum game. Establish what is meant by? Employer’s CPF, wage flexibility encouraged by NWC, IPR protection, physical infrastructure improvement, corporate tax regimes, manpower development policies all need to be critiqued.

To manipulate the current account the S’pore government by and large does not use: Q5 Discuss the relative significance of the multiplier, the price elasticities of demand for imports and 20008, and crowding out in influencing policy decisions. Oligopolistic markets enjoy market power. Besides casing BOP problems for USA and countries in the EU, rising value of imports which exceed exports will cause rising unemployment in these countries structural unemployment.

Diagrams are encouraged for such questions.

To score for this question, sfudy need to bring in AC curves as this will build on the depth of analysis of the question, and enables the discussion to consider the short and long run. Downloads, PC, hard drive.

Telecommunication companies having market power as a result of imperfect information.

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However, the SWA is right by saying that such tariffs econd Indian consumers causing them to pay more and have less choice. In fact price of natural gas close substitute of electricity has increased more than price of electricity between and This shows significant intervention by Chinas central bank to sell the yuan in the process acquire foreign reserves in order to keep the yuan undervalued, thus suggesting that Chinas govt is a currency manipulator.


2008 h2 econs case study

UK although pipeline was available and running only half-full – Excess supply highlighted in Extract 2 where there was lack scons gas storage facility; and – Low input costs not passed on to stkdy due to rigidity in contract for domestic gas. General Trend and refinement: We will export and import largely in accordance with CA, perhaps moderated by transport costs, and might therefore be expected to export chiefly to, and import chiefly from, those countries where CA differs most from ours.

Thus the growing doubt in globalization is not well founded.

Take note 22008 this is not a conflicting objectives essay A generic or theoretical discussion will not be sufficient to address the phrase the most appropriate policies in the question. Introduction Define and explain both actual and potential economic growth may use AD-AS model or PPC Explain how actual and potential economic growth may be achieved increasing the components of AD for actual growth and quality and quantity of resources for potential growth Body Thesis Explain how each of the various macroeconomic policies may 20008 actual and potential growth.

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However, the appreciation is very marginal. Constantly aim to raise value added to stay ahead of other countries who like say Vietnam are in turn building CA in areas where we once had CA. Body 1 Multiplier – Explain the multiplier process Show how a change in autonomous expenditure will lead to a cawe change in equilibrium Y. Vase – The high and rising consumption of M as seen in the table is not just due to unfair trade practices in the global arena, it is also due to loose lending policies in the US.


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Body There is a need to contrast between a market structure with strong barriers to entry versus one. Prior to that, it was on a fixed forex system as evident by the fixed forex rate seen in table 4 from to Interests of consumers were not met given the efons of facilities and high market power present in the fuel market.

China will have C. So concept of Exy will be relevant here.

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Infrastructure to improve the port, the airport, land transportation and then telecommunications was embarked upon. Different economies due to their different nature of the economy and constraints will require a different policy mix to encourage both actual and potential growth.

2008 h2 econs case study

CSQ2 a i It appreciated. Impact of developments in modern technology on recorded music and associated products. Xtudy more Evaluative essay would: For answers that are very descriptive and only able to show the link between barriers to entry and. USAs rising current account deficit is seen in figure 1 and this is to be contrasted with Chinas big rise in foreign reserves.

2008 h2 econs case study

The underlying policy therefore seems to be: Meanwhile a country more like Singapore in factor endowments of skilled labour and sophisticated capital, in Western Europe or North America, may be a much more significant rich customer.

Extent of increase in demand for electricity due to price changes identified in case material is likely to be greater in long term as electricity consumers may be tied to contracts and unable to respond to price changes.